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From Beeble’s Diary
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We woke up from what felt like a four-month long nap in that bastard huge cave. We walked around and found a stone mausoleum with locked iron doors. Since we had no lockpickers in the party, Cokakar BAMMED it open—but, alas! it was trapped! He got hit by a meteor storm and nearly died! But he didn’t! My friend lived!

There was a dead guy in the sarcophagus. Imagine that! He had shiny splint mail (splint mail +3, fire resist), a jadite ring (ring of featherfall), and a shiny longsword (longsword +2)! Of course we looted his dead bones.

We walked around some more. We found a big ol’ tar pit. It was icky. We saw some giant ant hills with giant ants! We didn’t fight them, though. Then we saw giant gates that were made of metal! Were they mithril? Yes! Were they the gates that we had read about? I consulted an outside source and found that, while these gates looked the same, they had different writing on them. That means there are at least two sets of mithril gates! So much mithril! Four hundred mithril! So, anyway, none of us could read the writing on the gates. I casted read languages and found this poem:
“My life as a wanderer has met its end
Doom begetting unfaithful friend
Awaits the turns of the untraveled course
Me and mine upon a lame horse
Beyond the shadows of rising dawn
These arms, these eyes are tired and drawn
Gates are empty
All hope is gone.”
Is it a riddle of some sort? I may have to research this! At least find the author! But I get too ahead of myself! More recap, less musing!

We saw some goblin miners. I talked to one of them and got nowhere. He wasn’t interested. Then we ran into some trolls! Bastards! They ganked on Cokakar and Nelly! We defeated them, though. Nelly caused some chaos, mostly amongst the party, with her wand of wonder. A couple diminution spells from it and she was .24" tall! We could have probably sent her through the mesh on the mithril gates to discover what lay beyond it, but we have all heard the old bard song about never splitting the party!

Anyway, we teleported out of there shortly after to restock and maybe research, and here we sit for who-knows-how-long. So I leave you with that.




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