Tinder's Champions

Agars's Point of View

The begining

Well now, I really have no idea on what is going on. You would think that after all this time, I would have a handle on how the world works so far, and yet I do not. If I were to write it all down to get everything situated in my head, that might clear things up. Yes, yes.

I first met the group in the little town of Tinder, tired and exhausted from my running away from slavery. My wife and I met the crusaders and decided to join them, if only for the added protection. They wished to travel into a dungeon of dangers and mayhem. While I was opposed to it, the Mrs. decided that it would help to travel and get the stress of the mines out of my system.

It has been a grand ole time. We go into the dungeon with six-seven people and come out with three or so. Some of them I liked, and some of them I’d wish a bloodier demise. I no longer remember the original reason we traveled into the depths, since the original members now only consist of another wizard named Bebbel, a riichna named… something. Allamel… I never did ask for a proper spelling. I do know that whatever the reason, we have stumbled across a danger to the entire continent that I’d much rather keep six feet underground.

Now, the party consist of who know what next. Every time I come back to town, I end up getting drunk with some dwarf and I pop in and out of consciousness. When I do get my head together, we’re missing someone and have another member to the party. How odd. I really should stop drinking with that dwarf… Pudding or something. But he seems so much fun at the start of the night.



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