Tinder's Champions

Alas, Tinder's Champions...

It is with a heavy heart that I report the fall of Tinder’s Champions.

I had been monitoring their progress through the Casad Reaches by means of a scrying device created by Zelligar long ago for the purpose of monitoring exploration and adventuring parties that we sent down into the depths. While I could keep an eye on them, I had no means, magical or mundane, through which to interfere in their explorations, so I kept this a secret.

Upon reaching a heavily enchanted door made of adamantite, the party camped and tried many ways to pass through the barrier instead of moving elsewhere. Through the use of a magical wand — most likely a wand of wonder — they were able to remove the barrier. They followed a small corridor that lead to an open sarcophagus. Upon reaching it, a skeletal wizard — a lich — unleashed terror upon the party. I watched helplessly as they fought with every fiber of their collective being in the hopeless battle.

The lich proved to powerful. I watched as Cokakar, Bristles, BrĂ¼no, Beeble Brox, Amelel, Dotaimor, Dred Roberts, Lena, Mechum, Nelly Cracklestring, and Torchorth, as well as a cleric of the Creator that I did not recognize, fell to the powerful being’s spells. As the last of the party fell, I believe that the lich noticed my scrying and my connection was instantly severed.

I now believe that this lich is heading up through the Reaches and looking to seek dominance upon the surface. Tinder’s Champions had many powerful items on their persons and this lich could be acquiring them for his own use, or perhaps using spells to raise my former friends and protectors to bend to his dark will. I humbly request any military you can spare, or at the very least, someone to recruit adventurers to aid me. I know not what dwells beneath these lands, but I know that it harbors no good will toward those of us keeping the peace on the surface.

-Lord Rhogan of Qasqueston



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