Tinder's Champions

It came to me in a dream

From Beeble’s Diary
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Okay, so we woke up in the hole where we were last time and I was exhausted and bedraggled and slightly bothered by that dream that I had. We dicked around with ways to figure out A) how to deal with the STORM GIANT ghost, and B) ways to rob its grave, because we’re adventurers and that’s what adventurers do. We couldn’t figure out a way to rob a freakin’ STORM GIANT’s sarcophagus. Thing was HUUUUUUUGE. Agars wanted me to polymorph him into a STORM GIANT or a TITAN so he could open it. I was fairly certain that that would have been a bad idea, so I didn’t do it. So, not knowing what to do, we went to the previous room.
We were looking at the statues, and of course, there was the STORM GIANT one with the script in the language of the giants. Agars cast read languages on it and found that it was a poem. I can’t remember exactly what it said; I tried copying the translation, but Agars was reading too quickly and I was too intrigued to copy it down. From it, we were able to learn that the other statue-man was a freakin’ TITAN. The poem was written by one of them, honoring the other…I can’t remember exactly. But yeah, we went into the other tomb and Brüno, Dorian, and Cokakar powered the door open on the first try.
The cave behind the door was painted like a beautiful Vanil night. I don’t know how the artist did it, but it appeared to be an accurate representation of the real night sky. If I was a druid, I would have felt extreme serenity. Also, right in the middle of this cave was a huge sarcophagus. Bigger than the other. Probably for the TITAN. We tried yelling at the ghost and calling it out, but there was no ghost. Hmm. So we couldn’t figure out what to do. Like any good band of adventurers, we decided to leave the room. We left the previous room and went down the hallway and it came into the chasm room we reached a while ago. Since we didn’t know what to do, we teleported out of there and I decided to do some research.
The party, with the exception of Brüno and Lena, teleported to Portsport. The riichnas went to do their thing, Daxxtos headed to the Church of the Creator, Soolie went to track down some bards, and I read some books at the Wizards Guild. I paid 300 gold pieces for access to the books they had about the Casad Reaches. The first book was one that I not only have read, but also have a copy of: History of the Fifth Kingdom by Zelligar the Unknown. There was a Fourth Kingdom history tome that I also read. These offered me no new information. However, there was another one there, and while it didn’t really offer me new information, it was still awesome because it was about those strange creatures. It was written by DRUMMOND THE ICE MAN! That was pretty cool. And that, my diary, is where I end my day.

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