Tinder's Champions

So we spent the winter of 1535 in Portsport. I spent the bulk of my time performing menial labor for the Wizards Guild. I also came up with a spell! I’m really excited about it. Okay, so, you know when you’re deep down in the depths of a dungeon and you find a huge pile of coins? Or maybe a treasure chest full of coins? And, like, you don’t know how many or what coins are in there? PROBLEM SOLVED! With Beeble’s Instant Coin Counter, you can know exactly what is in a pile just by casting the spell! No need to spend hours counting a pile of coins in a deadly dungeon anymore! Awesome!

So, after that, we went back to Tinder. We found that Rhogan had set up shop in the keep of Qasqueston once again and he gave me my own workshop! And a Teleport focus! Yay! All of us are allowed to stay there as a home base of sorts and it’s pretty nice. However, the dangers still lurk below in the Casad Reaches, so we’re still working on that.

We delved down there. My maps are…atrocious, at best. However, I made enough sense out of them to get us to where we wanted to go (a special thanks to Cokakar for carrying all those torches for the blindies) and we went there. As usual, “left-left-always-to-the-left” was in effect. So we came to this cave and there were tons of spiders. Big ones. Brüno, Mechum, Cokakar, and the new dwarf who hasn’t told us his name yet made pretty quick work of them. Then we got to a huge cave and were beset by more spiders! Then there was a wizard-type-spidery-lady that seemed to be commanding the spiders! And then there was an iron golem spider! Oh no! I managed to get that creepy lady once with my patented Spectral Hand-Shocking Grasp Goosing. The tough guys took care of the spiders while the rest of us (except Mechum) hammered on the golem. I hit it a few times with my wand enchanted with Melf’s Acid Arrow and I reminded Dred that he had that rusting gauntlet that he picked off those trolls we fought a while back, so he put that to DAMN good use! While we were doing that, Mechum popped a Levitate potion, floated up to spider lady, and kept casting Taunt on her. Gods, that gnome is a genius. So then she casts Invisibility on herself, I guess, as Dred shot an arrow at her. I don’t quite remember what happened, as I was in the heat of battle against that friggin’ golem of doom, but there was a huge spray of blood, guts, and gore on the floor a short distance away. The battle ended and we discovered that the wizard lady, while invisible, had fallen to her doom. I’m not quite sure how it happened, but her badass spidery cloak was ruined. Anyway, Mechum found her lair and horked a bunch of beautiful (albeit creepy) tapestries and ten books. Then we teleported back to Qasqueston.

We got back and took a look at those books. One appeared to be something written by Zelligar that got me all excited and nine were spellbooks that got me even more excited. Mechum and I spent the next while figuring out all the spells in the spellbooks and, boy howdy, there are some damn good ones in there! We’re not sure whose they were (obviously Spiderlady was using them), but whoever wrote them was damn powerful because one of the books contained Wish!

And with that, my dear Diary, I must end. I have some work to work on. Until next time!

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This adventure took place on Friday, May 28, 2010.



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