Tinder's Champions

So we’re hiding out here, holed up in a little nook underneath Qasqueston. For the sake of things, I’ll recap the past couple weeks leading up to how we ended up here and why we’re holed up.

So we went to Portsport. Well, not all of us, but me, Lena, and Daxxtos (that elf whose name I always forget) went. We sold those huge stones and got a bunch of coins for them! I made two wands (one of Melf’s Acid Arrow (which is almost used up already…ugh…) and Beeble’s Instant Coin Counter). Lena and Daxxtos did clericy things and acquired a bunch of potions and scrolls to keep us alive.

So then we returned to Qasqueston and came down here. Ever since Cokakar acquired that spear of his, his mood changes rapidly. He was doing cool things like complimenting us and arguing with his Triumvirate and even doled out several high-fives! Including one to Daxxtos! A riichna and an elf high-fiving each other…I never thought I’d see the day! He would revert back to his usual surly self from time to time, though, and during one of those moments, he insulted our delightful gnomish bard, Mel Hester a.k.a. Soolie, by referring to his kazoo (the greatest instrument EVER!) as an “annoying saxophone.”

Cokakar, however, raged and smashed a bunch of wights, though he was weakened by them. After that, we went into a cavern and when we were arguing amongst ourselves, a freakin’ flesh golem with NECK BOLTS! and a female, presumably human, wizard entered. She Invisible’d herself and sent the golem after us while she (presumably) made a getaway. We attacked the thing and Cokakar, of course, whooped its stitched-together behind. After he killed it, we all went nuts!

Then we got to a portcullis. Brüno, Bristles, and the other dwarf whose name eludes me lifted it up and we went through. We kept going and then the world warped and we ended up in a different room. We went down some stairs and there were luminescent mushrooms growing down there. I don’t know what kind they were, but they were cool! So we kept going and we came across this slimy mustard-colored and mustard-smelling ball of slime. We attacked it and Cokakar almost died, but luckily the clerics were fast enough with their spells and potions to save him. I bottled some of the slime to analyze later.

So we kept going. There was a purple haze throughout the caves that made us all confused. We came to a chamber with a shimmery blue slimeball (that also smelled like mustard…yeech) and it attacked us. I expended quite a few Acid Arrows from my wand on that thing and Brüno got a little crunched by it, but we managed to make it stop moving. I bottled some of that one, too.

Anyway, we ended up where we are now. We’re in a cave (with none of that stupid purple haze!) and there’s a cliff here—I’d say it goes about 80 feet down. At the bottom of the cliff, there’s a strange-looking tunnel. Terry imparted some wisdom upon me when I asked if it was the “wite tunnel” that has the power to make one “wussied,” as I had read about in Rhogan’s entry in Zelligar’s Journal. It sure was. We seem to be going in the direction that those had gone in.
Also, now that I’m thinking about it, I’m assuming that those luminescent mushrooms that we passed were the same “mashrum” of “red and bleu color” that one of Rhogan’s comrades ate that made him “turn to a baby.” Maybe they’re not so cool anymore!
However, Diary, I am getting cock-eyed looks from Cokakar, so I should probably get back to sleep so I can recharge my spells! More will come when I know more!

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