Tinder's Champions

One thing I left out of my previous entry: On the trek down to where we were, we gave our friend Max the Otyugh another donkey and he gave us a (presumably magical) bear helmet! Nelly nabbed it and now dodders around proclaiming, “I’M A BEAR! ROOOAAARR!”
Back to the present. So we rested at the top of that cliff last night. Cokakar, Amelel, and Dotaimor spent a quite a bit of time arguing about Cokakar’s spear because they’re riichnas. Cokakar’s mood kept changing rapidly, but by the end of the argument, Amelel allowed him to keep the spear until we leave the caves again.
Anyway. We had a cliff to get down and rats were throughout the face of it, so we couldn’t use ropes (not that we had a long enough rope, anyway). Dred climbed down and took a hell of a tumble, but he survived. Bristles and Cokakar were hit with Levitate spells to help everyone else down. Also, Cokakar befriended the rats somehow…I don’t know how it happened, but seeing a smiling riichna covered in happy RATS! is a fine sight indeed! And then Cokakar and Bristles HUGGED EACH OTHER IN A SPIRALING LEVITATING HUG OF DOOM! IT WAS HILARIOUS AND AWESOME AND HEART-TOUCHING! Cokakar gave Bristles a BEARD-RAT! Its name is GRAP! Then we got to the bottom!
We were up-close and personal with Rhogan’swite tunnel.” We could see that it curved and that it would probably be a bad idea to just walk down it. I consulted a wise and trusted friend and he said that the tunnel saps one’s strength, but that he had once use a Fly spell to get through it. Since Bristles and Cokakar were already Levitating, Mechum and I came up with a plan: Mechum hit Brüno with a Strength spell (if I were to rate his new strength on a scale of 3 to 18, I’d say it was at 24) and then he chugged a Potion of Flight. Dorian and Dotaimor were hit with Levitate spells and we all linked ourselves with Brüno’s Rope of Climbing and made a FLYING ADVENTURE TRAIN OF DOOOOOOM! to get through the tunnel!
We reached the end of it and landed safely. We were at an intersection. We went one way and came into a chamber. There were two statues on either side of the back of the chamber. Both were huge and had writing carved into the bases. One was of a man holding a lightning bolt and was somewhat crude, and the other was of a big man, expertly carved. Amelel deduced that the writing was of the language of the Giants, but he was unable to decipher it, saying that it must’ve been an archaic form. At the front of the room, there were two ramps leading up to huge bronze doors that had expertly-crafted bas-reliefs of nature scenes. We took the left path and the dwarves powered it open.
We saw a decently-sized chamber with a giant stone box in the center. We quickly figured out that it was a tomb, because a HUGE FRICKINGHOST popped out of the box/sarcophagus. It was of the same image of the lightning-bolt-statue-man in the previous room! I figured that it had to be a freakin’ STORM GIANT!
We obviously pissed it off because it began attacking us, so we attacked it back. I ended up using up my Wand of Melf’s Acid Arrow. Nelly discovered that Lightning Bolt was ineffective against it (one of the factors that helped me deduce that it was a STORM GIANT). We were trying everything against it, but I had swapped most of my offensive spells for utility spells; dammit. It threw a lightning bolt at Cokakar, who took the hit directly and the lightning arced, hitting Brüno, Lena, Bristles, and Dorian. They didn’t take too much damage, but poor Cokakar dropped. The clerics and Amelel quickly began spells to resuscitate him while everyone attacked the BIG. FREAKIN’. GHOST. OF. DOOM.
Then the HUGE GHOST cast its gaze upon us. That was not fun. Not fun at frickin’ all, dammit. It AGED US AND NOW SOME OF US ARE OLD. Dorian gained about 27 years, Soolie about 25, Dotaimor about 39, Amelel about 8, Mechum about 31, me about 22, and then the poor humans...Dred gained about 21 years and Lena about 27. We deduced (after the battle…I’m starting to get ahead of myself) that the only way we could reverse this was by a Wish spell. Dammit. I CAN’T CAST THAT YET. The poor humans will probably be DEAD by the time I can! Dammit! The riichnas laughed it off because they frickin’ live for-freaking-ever. Bastards.
Anyway, back to the present. Daxxtos hit that huge mofo with SEARING LIGHT and kicked its ass a little. Then Amelel hit it with THORNS! Then the recently-revived Cokakar hit the bastard with his spear in what I can only call a CRITICAL HIT! Then Amelel THORNS’D it again! Bastard went down! Amelel is my hero!
After the fight, we tried everything we could do to open the freakin’ sarcophagus, but it’s way too huge. Also, Daxxtos and Lena, being the holy people that they are, informed us that we never figured out what it was that the ghost wanted, so it’s going to come back. Dammit. So here we sit, plotting our next move, my dearest Diary.

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