Tinder's Champions

So...now Cokakar is my hero! And he hates that.

So I had a dream that some benevolent god-figure recreated all of my atrocious maps into something legible and when I woke up, they were lying on my table! It was pretty great because, you know, I could actually make sense out of them! Then we headed down into the depths beneath Qasqueston.
Now that the maps made sense, we decided to go to this massive chamber with LAVA! that we went to quite a while ago. See, we did battle with a priest of Casada and his minions there back then, and he escaped down a passage leading down to…somewhere! We decided to track him down again because recurring villains are the most dastardly of all.
On the way there, we passed through a place that I shall call Sir Joseph’s Dead Halfling Storage. There was garbage and some corpses there (whether they were halfling or not, I don’t know; halfling is just a fun word to say). That one guy in our party whose name currently escapes me dove into the refuse and was grabbed by big nasty tentacles! Oh noes! Then the owner of the tentacles wandered out. It was a freakin’ otyugh! He talked to us! He motioned toward the garbage man and said, “Gift? Friend? Max.” I managed to convince him that the tasty morsel in his tentacles wasn’t a gift, but if he was allowed to go, we would bring a donkey as a gift! He set down silly garbage man and we went back up to the surface, grabbed a donkey, and went back. Then we made friends with a freakin’ otyugh! His name is Max and he’s pretty cool. He gave us an awesome spear and we gave it to Cokakar and he really seemed to appreciate it! He got that look on his face that I sometimes get when I’m thinking very intensely! He got into an argument about the weapon with one of the other riichnas because of weird riichna laws, and other guy said to him, “You are being hypocritical.” Cokakar replied with, “I am no sort of hippo!” I laughed so hard! Cokakar rules. OH! AND COKAKAR COMPLIMENTED ME! THAT WAS AWESOME!
So anyway, we get to the doors of the big ol’ nasty LAVA! chamber and we could hear noise coming from the door. Brüno kicked in the freakin’ door and Casada-guy was back on his perch over the LAVA and surrounded by his mooks on the ground. The party charged forward, fighting off most of the spells being flung at them, and clashed with the ground-mooks, and I followed behind them. Battle was going on and Casada-guy up top was hurling spells at us, then he summoned what must’ve been a freakin’ MOCHADIM! A terrochim, maybe…it was freaky! Lena fished out a scroll and began reading it and POOF! the freakin’ monster was gone! See, sometimes I do get a little jealous of clerics! So battle’s going on, the blood’s flowing (internally and externally, if you know what I mean!) and Casada-guy summons some freakin’ wraiths! A couple of our guys took hits from them…Brüno did and someone else did…the heat of battle and LAVA was so hot I can hardly remember specific details! I threw an Ice Storm spell at the Casada-guy up top with my wand, but I didn’t think that cunning plan through so we were all trapped in a steam cloud for a bit! It burned! So most of the cleric-mooks were going down and we started focusing on the wraiths with a little support on the guy up on top. I hit a wraith with a couple Melf’s Acid Arrows, depleting my wand of said spell. Cokakar was raging and killing guys left and right. Guy up top kept flinging spells at us, so I hit him with a Mindblast from my hat! It was awesome. The red riichna put a wall of flame around him while we kicked the crap out of his minions. Finally it was just us and Casada-guy up top and I tried devising a plan. I was thinking of guarding all of the ways up and down from his platform and being ready with some firepower (only Lighting Bolt!) if he tried anything funny while we tried to extract information from him. Cokakar thought this was foolish and charged up the freakin’ stairs, dove through the FREAKINFIRE, and TACKLED THE MAN THROUGH THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FIRE AND THREW HIM INTO THE LAVA! It was so epic! Cokakar kicks so much ass. So we smashed up the place and heard an unearthly scream from the depths as we destroyed the altar to Casada, and looted everything and returned to Qasqueston.
When we arrived home, we took inventory of our freshly-pillaged treasures. I Identified one of the five steel shields we horked off the corpses of the mooks and it had minor magical protection enchanted upon it, so I’m assuming that the remaining shields do, too. The spear that Cokakar now wields proved to be quite interesting, however. It appears to be heavily enchanted. I was able to Identify it as a Spear of the Wild and that an enchantment would allow the wielder better chances to hit and deal more damage, but attempts by all of us wizards to Identify it further proved ineffective. We also snatched a couple fire agates about the size of my freakin’ head! With my experiences with gems, I was able to place them at about 30,000 gold coins apiece…man, 60,000 gold coins! Imagine what we could do with that!
Well, Diary, that’s about it for now. I need to get working on some research that I’m researching and working on!



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