Benka Sartatter

Second rank (though not second-rate) warrior woman


Benka Sartatter is a spear-wielding woman of obvious Tumish descent who is rumored to be the founder of the Crimson Skulls. Though she is leader of the group, she is taciturn and leaves most of the talking to the garrulous gnome, Garbledsnatch; she is the one that makes final decisions on what direction the group takes, however. All members (including a begrudging gnome) follow her orders when she gives them and she is able to communicate directions to them through gesture alone.

In addition to her spear, she keeps a well-maintained crossbow ready at all times when she enters dangerous territory; it is said that a bolt fired from this crossbow never misses, though she only ever looses one bolt. She is also an expert in mounted combat, which allows her to use her spear to its fullest effect.

Benka Sartatter

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