Garbledsnatch Facadebreaker

Foul-mouthed gnome who somehow manages to serve as the frontman for the Crimson Skulls


A thoroughly repugnant creature in both visage and action, Garbledsnatch Facadebreaker is everything an upstanding gnome should not be: maliciously crafty and leery of the magical arts. Though his looks and demeanor leave much to be desired, he still exudes an out-of-place charisma to those dealing with him. His one weakness is his extreme pride, to the point that he claims to represent the Crimson Skulls. He is condescending to those that cannot keep up with his quick mind and is especially crude in his dealings with dwarves.

Little is known about his past prior to joining the Crimson Skulls; the only nuggets of information gleaned on this subject is that he appears to have come from the Northtinker tribe, based on his accent in Gnomish. How he came to join the Crimson Skulls is likewise unknown.

Garbledsnatch Facadebreaker

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