Beeble Brox

"I have friggin' access to friggin' spells that I can't even friggin' cast yet."


Artwork by SmilinKate
Race: Gnome
Class: Wizard
Level: 9
THAC0: Base: 18; with Darts: 17; with Spectral Hand: 16
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Gender: Male
Age: 102 (formerly 80; was aged 22 years by a ghost)
Height: 3’8"
Weight: 78 pounds
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Yellow
Languages: Vanilli, Gnomish, Elvish, Goblin, Sylvan
Weapon Proficiencies: Darts (2)
Nonweapon Proficiencies: Jeweler, Spellcraft – Wizardly (3), Gem Cutting (1), Navigation (1), Reading/Writing (1), Item Imbuement (1), Cartography (2)
Important Possessions: Black Velour Robe +1; The Wondrous Hat of Terrence; “Black Bear” Pendant; a diamond (focus for Read Magic); a hand-sized abacus (focus for Beeble’s Instant Coin Counter), Wand of Ice Storm (unknown charges), Wand of Beeble’s Instant Coin Counter (5 charges)
Known Spells: See The Bookshelf in Beeble’s Shop.

  • STR 12
  • INT 19
  • WIS 13
  • DEX 13
  • CON 10
  • CHR 9
  • AC 6
  • HP 25

Beeble Brox, or as named in the Gnomish tradition, Beeblebroxcornmedicsnaggiggleheadslappywigglewagglecodner-
(incredibly long, long, long section omitted for brevity’s sake)-
picklesquickymifflintokivet, or just “Beebs” to his friends, is a hyperactive weaver of the arcane arts with a vulgar tongue and a dark sense of humor. He was born in 1456 to a hotheaded merchant and prankster with a fabulous mustache, Blebrox Cornmed, and a high-spirited wizard, Kara Nimblethumb. He originally hails from Crumblesbrook, but after Crumblesbrook was overrun by strange creatures, the family fled to Diremug Lookout. Unfortunately, his mother was killed in the evacuation. After living with the Diremugs for a few years, Blebrox decided to rebuild his reputation as a merchant, so he took what little goods he had acquired and set off for Tinder.

When the duo arrived in Tinder, they stopped at the local watering hole to see if they could get any good leads. A band of adventurers drinking there offered Blebrox several rounds of drinks because of his mustache. After reaching quite a state of intoxication, Blebrox offered his sword (with which he had VERY little training) to their cause: finding action, adventure, and treasure in the Casad Reaches (as well as getting paid by the mysterious wizard, Zelligar the Unknown). Blebrox planned to use his earnings to rebuild the glory of Crumblesbrook and take his place as The High Fiddler.

Blebrox didn’t want to take young Beeble on the dangerous adventure, so he left him in Tinder, where he worked as a gofer for merchant caravans and learned the art of gem cutting.

Unfortunately, Blebrox never returned. The only known survivor of the party was Terrence Loren. He took pity on the orphaned gnome and adopted him. He soon realized that Beeble had a talent for the arcane, so he began teaching him the art. He trained Beeble for several years and Beeble grew close to Terrence as Terrence’s mind began to degenerate (and came to be known as Crazy Terry).

A group of adventurers calling themselves Tinder’s Champions showed up in town and Beeble secretly monitored them while running strange errands for Crazy Terry. One time, they returned to Tinder and Beeble noticed that they were in poor shape and that the group has decreased in number. He spoke to them for the first time and found out that they had been adventuring in the depths beneath Qasqueston. Knowing that his father had perished in the same depths years before, he offered his spellbook to their cause in hopes of avenging his parents and one day rebuilding the glory of Crumblesbrook.

After nearly dying several times, Beeble thought about giving up the quest. While resting in Tinder, the town was attacked by raiders. Crazy Terry was found dead after the battle: his house and body had been reduced to ashes; it is unknown whether this was at the hands of the raiders or if Crazy Terry failed at casting a fireball spell. Beeble had nowhere else to go, so he figured he’d stick with Tinder’s Champions.

While digging through the ruins of Terry’s shack to see if any loot survived the fire, Beeble discovered a map leading to a place known only as The Beach in the Brokenspire Mountains. Beeble had heard the name before and knew that it was Terry’s old hideaway, but that was all he knew of it. The crew followed the map into the mountains to the place.

After completely ransacking The Beach, Beeble was reunited with the spirit of his old mentor through a very special hat that he now guards with his life. He has since strengthened his backbone (especially since Terry is constantly with him once again) and has once again resolved to discover the fate of his father — and become a most powerful wizard in the process.

In addition to his wizardly duties to Tinder’s Champions, he also functions as the party’s mapper. He picked up this mantle because no one else would, yet they still scorn his atrocious maps. However, whenever he has trouble interpreting the maps that he draws, Mechum or Dred can usually figure them out, so they must not be all that bad.

During a stay in Portsport during the winter of 1535, Beeble finally wove his first original spell: Beeble’s Instant Coin Counter, of which he is most proud.

Beeble currently resides in the recently-reclaimed Qasqueston at Beeble’s Shop (enter the shop to take a gander at the spells he has access to, as well as his collections). He really enjoys his work with Tinder’s Champions and gets along fairly well with everyone in the party, but his closest companions are Mechum, Nelly, and Dred, and more recently, the bard Soolie. He is also one of the few male members of the group to not sexually harass Lena Hopebringer.

Beeble Brox

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