Blaklaw the Hammerer

"Brother Jupp says to break knees, so Brother Blaklaw does it!"


Class: Fighter
Alignment: (Neutral/Chaotic) Evil
Known magical equipment: Potions of Fortify Strength, Potions of Fortify Constitution


Blaklaw the Hammerer is the ultimate muscle in the Bogy Brothers; he is called upon to “fix” situations when other means prove insufficient. As a result, he spends most of his time in Portsport with his Brother, Siltweaver Jupp. Of all the Brothers, Blaklaw is the one seen in public the most often, usually accomplishing some errand or mission.
As a half-ogre, Blaklaw towers above nearly all others and has a most impressive bulk. His body is crisscrossed with old scars (some given to him by Tinder’s Champions). While he is not nearly as intelligent as his siblings, Blaklaw defies the stereotype of the utterly witless half-ogre and is in possession of a wicked cunning.
As befitting his appellation of “the Hammerer,” Blaklaw carries a heavy steel maul into situations where he expects actual combat; when assigned more “delicate” matters of correction, his brutish strength and bare hands are enough to coerce others to see his brothers’ point of view. This weapon is likely enchanted, but if so it does not have powers outside the usual bonuses of accuracy and power.

Blaklaw the Hammerer

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