Terrence Loren



Despite being a revered citizen of Tinder in his years, little was known about Terrence Loren. He was once the apprentice of Zelligar the Unknown and adventured with him into the depths beneath Qasqueston. A year after that, Terrence returned to Tinder and said little of the quest, but took on a late adventuring buddy’s orphaned son, Beeble Brox.

While Beeble was apprenticing, whisperers and eavesdroppers started saying that Terrence was working on some strange magical item. A little while later, poor Terrence seemed to have a mental breakdown and lost many of his former wits, and came to be known as “Crazy Terry”. While still capable of some wizarding, the majority of the tasks fell on Beeble. Beeble also became his caretaker: fetching him buckets of milk, cleaning his feet, and doing other, generally unpleasant, tasks.

Unfortunately, Terrence’s tale came to an end. He died when raiders attacked Tinder. While Tinder’s Champions built a palisade around Tinder proper, Terrence was too stubborn to leave his house, making strange remarks such as, “GET ME A HAT FULL OF MILK” and “MY MIND’S AT THE BEACH!” While his death may have been caused directly or indirectly by the raiders, Beeble figures that it was caused by a misdirected Fireball spell, as Terry’s shack was reduced to little more than ashes after the event.

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Terrence Loren

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