Giraldi Hammerstone



Race- Dwarf
Class- Fighter
Level- 7
Height- 5’1"
Weight- ~150 lb
Hair- Dark brown
Eyes- Green

Str 18/19 (w/ gauntlets)
Int 13
Wis 13
Dex 11
Con 15 (was 17, but was resurrected recently for the second time)
Cha 13

AC: -6
HP: ~72
Thac0: Base 14, 7 with mace +1
D.O.B.: 1497; 44 years old, 48 after being aged by Haste.

Weapon Proficiencies-
Mace V
Javelin II

Non-weapon Proficiencies-
Endurance, masonry, blacksmithing, weapon smithing, carpentry, armor smithing.

Important Possesions: Mace +1, Dwarf hair Rope of Climbing 30’, Kite shield +5, Amulet of protection, Ring of water breathing, Ring of feather fall, Gauntlets of STR +1/Acid resistance.


Years ago, when Giraldi was but a wee babe, he dreamed of grandeur and adventure. He dreamed to join Hammerstone Army, and become famous, and loved by his people. He wished this to pass ferociously, and he became impatient. He became arrogant, and swore loyalty only to the rightful King of Hammerstone. At this time, the King is Thargard II, but Giraldi knows who he will eventually serve. Prince Bruno will ascend to the throne, and Giraldi swears to himself that he will aid and protect the future King.

Giraldi joins Hammerstone Army in 1516, a year after Bruno, and drills endlessly. He works to increase his rank, but his commanders refuse to promote him, saying he was too arrogant and headstrong. In 1519, he pleads his commander to allow him to accompany Prince Bruno on his diplomatic mission to Seljahusk. He is rebuked. Again, in 1521, he entreats to be a part of the King and Queen’s convoy, to a town named Tinder. And yet again, he is refused. Upon learning that the King and Queen were slain, as well as all that were with them, Giraldi left Hammerstone Keep in a fury, thinking that Bruno would be next. He knew he would never reach Seljahusk in time, and eventually he realized, he had no idea how to get there. He marched for weeks, barely sleeping, desperately trying to reach the northern settlement.

He went North, far North, and eventually, he came to a city. To his horror, the city was naught but ruins, a remnant of former greatness. He growled oaths of revenge, and entered the city, seeking Bruno’s body, so that he may enter Laksewaller’s Beard. Expecting to find corpses and signs of battle, Giraldi is shocked to see, instead, a halfling. The halfling, upon seeing Giraldi and his appalled face, waltzes on over and says “You’ve never seen a hobbit before? Hi! My name is Frederick Hillsborough! I haven’t seen a dwarf in Tuma before, what’s your name?” Giraldi blinks at him and says “Tuma? This isn’t Seljahusk?” Frederick laughs and says “No, that’s far to the Northeast from here. Why would you go there? You have the accent of a Gruffin dwarf.” Not seeing a reason to keep it a secret, Giraldi replies, “I’m looking for King Bruno of Clan Hammerstone. He is the heir to the throne, and I intend to escort him safely back to Hammerstone Keep.”

Frederick stares at him and breathes, “Oh shit. You don’t know… If you’re of Clan Hammerstone… Um.. I.. Uh.. Your keep is gone. That’s what I’ve heard in the Thieve’s Network, at least. Solid rock. No one knows where your clan is either. I’m sorry mister dwarf sir..” Giraldi stares at him for a solid three minutes, before declaring in a very Dwarf-ly manner, “I am Giraldi. Giraaaaaaldi HAMMMERSTOOOOOOONE!!! And my clan shall not be gone so long as I am alive! I will find my king! I will find the clan! And you are going to help me. Come. We just became adventurers.” And with that, the two of them set about Old Tuma, looking for adventure. Lo and Behold, adventurers were in town! They consisted of a Cleric of the Destroyer, named Tirion. A riichna named Jabronich. A gnome wizard, whose name no one cares about. And a thief named Leonardo.

The group lacked members of Giraldi and Frederick’s type, so they were promptly accepted. And thus, Giraldi’s adventure began.

Giraldi Hammerstone

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