Gordon Freepman

"Oh, no! He has taken Theis Otrope!"


Gordon Freepman and his second-in-command Cow Orker Jim are members of the Clensaba Road Patrol responsible for keeping the area between Onaway and Druxil’s Mine safe and secure, as well as ensuring the safety of the tax collector for the area, Theis Otrope. As with all Road Patrols, they and the men under their command are outfitted with an assortment of quality Clensaba arms and armor and a small ballista to use against larger creatures that threaten the safety of the area for which they are responsible.

Gordon himself wields a claymore in battle, and carries an enchanted crowbar on his belt to use as a backup bashing weapon. Cow Orker Jim had his training focused on efficient use of the ballista in combat.

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Gordon Freepman

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