Class: Fighter 8/Leyseer 8

Race: Riichna


Age: 297

Eyes: Black

Weight: 217 lbs


HP: 66

Languages: Vanilli, Riichna, Dwarven

Str:17 (19)






Weapon Proficiencies: Cerim (V) Spear (II)

Non-Weapon Proficiencies: Spellcraft (Oracular) I, Astronomy III, Ancient History (Generic) I, Anatomy I

1st – Burn, Shadowbind, Envenate, Waterbind
2nd – Leeching, Binding, Flame, Waterball
3rd – Shadow Darts, Thorns, Fire Wall
4th – Shadowclaw, Healing, Flame Wave

Important Possessions: Cerim 1, Ring of Spellturning, Ring of Protection +1, Amulet of Seeing, Gauntlets of STR +2, Spear +2/3 vs. reptilians


Jabronich is a modest black riichna who never says a whole lot. He is a very dark skinned riichna, and the combination of that and his elemental alignment make him look very intimidating. Fresh out of the recak in Barchil he was sent on a mission to prove himself of use to his superiors. He was to meet up with a group of adventurers visiting Barchil, and head to the far north of Northeach to deal with some trading matters. After completing his mission he returned to Barchil and was told to continue his work with the group of adventurers, taking note of his surroundings and gathering information for the greater riichna cause. Since then he has proven himself of use and aids the group with his competent oracular abilities and proficient use of his cerim.

Jabronich himself isn’t a very strict riichna. He, unlike others, enjoys a nice pipe of tobacco, and the company of his triumvirate. He also doesn’t mind the company of the non-riichna in the group, in fact he often enjoys their antics and silly ways. In the eyes of his superiors he is capable, but not as proper as he should be.

In one of his trips to Portsport, Jabronich was going to resupply his pouch and pipe with tobacco. On his way to his halfling dealer he was confronted by three riichnas he had never seen. They gave him a ring with an inscription that read: “magic” in the riichna language. Not knowing what to do with it, he reported the names of the unknown riichnas and the ring to his superiors. At which point he, his personal superior, and his triumvirate were all contained and questioned. After all the ruckus caused by the ring was played through he was “black-listed” and excommunicated.

Jabronich’s plans for life have changed since the event with the ring, and he hopes to become a successful teacher of the Art of the Leyseer in his own academy founded near Evefall. Hoping to settle down after his days of adventuring and mentoring those who wish to better themselves, but lack the access to normal riichna academies, he wishes to better himself amongst those who have remained loyal to his compatriots and himself.

He was at one point assigned a triumvirate while visitng Portsport with the group. The triumvirate consisted of himself, Jugulor (purple), and Gemadan (yellow). Unfortunately, Gemadan was struck down in the heat of battle with a bile wyrm, and replaced by Lacaran (yellow). Lacaran and Jugulor were also struck down. Jugulor died a silly, improper death by jumping into a pool of water and dying, and Lacaran was killed by an elemental trap of fire while (ironically) checking the door for traps for Haragol.


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