Siltweaver Jupp

"O Darkness Beneath, fill me with Your power, that I might work to resurrect Your transcendent glory!"


Class: Cleric of Casada
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Known magical equipment: Enchanted Freezing Burst Warhammer, scrolls of Word of Recall
Known available spells: Cause Light Wounds, Cause Fear, Make Vulnerable, Ghoul’s Imbuement, Weaken to Element, Death Knell, Elemental Burst (Earthen)


Siltbearer Jupp is a cleric of Casada, and one of the five leaders of the crime syndicate known as the Bogy Brothers. A bald, stout man who could perhaps pass as a tall, shaved dwarf, he has considerable battle prowess and enjoys engaging in melee combat at every opportunity. Usually found in the company of his Brother, Blaklaw the Hammerer, Jupp is known to be ultimately responsible for the day-to-day running of the Bogy Brothers within Portsport, while his other siblings pursue the syndicate’s interests elsewhere. He is known for his efficiency and ruthlessness and is unforgiving of his inferiors should they fail to live up to his high expectations.

Siltweaver Jupp

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