Class: Thief

Gender: Male

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Height: 5’7”

Weight: 129 lbs

Languages: Vanilli, Elvish

Weapon Proficiences: Shortsword (3)

Nonweapon Proficiencies: Painting (1) Rope use (1) Swimming (2) Haggling (1) Forest wilderness lore (1)

STR: 13

INT: 10

WIS: 11

DEX: 19

CON: 13

CHA: 13

AC: 4


Thief skills (base)

-Pick Pockets:100

-Open Locks:90

-Find/Remove Traps:35

-Move Silently:80

-Hide in Shadows:70

-Detect Noise:40

-Climb Walls:115


Leonardo is a rather crafty and suspicious character, who always keeps one eye on his swords, and one on the nearest bit of treasure. Born in Clensa, not much is known about any sort of parents, most likely due to the fact that he is a half-human, half-elf. Living alone for not even he knows how long, he managed to survive only due to his incredibly dextrous abilities. As the Thieves Guild tends to keep tabs on every beggar and bum in town, they quickly took notice of his skill and took him in. Since then, he has been trained in the arts of pickpocketing and hiding efficiently.

He soon began traveling around, finding that staying in Clensa reduced any manner of ‘theiving’ opportunities. On one occasion, he met a stranger, who taught him the joys of painting, and he has since always loved picking up a brush. Along one of his other many travels out to far locations, in this instance the Ignignogshalamadingdong Prairie, he discovered upon a group of adventures, asleep for the night. Cleverly, or so he thought, making a somehow-deteriorating meteorite to help disguise his presense there, he set to work attempting to take everything from their pockets, and add it to his own. Unfortunately for him, before he managed to even grasp a single copper piece, they all, at the same time, awoke. The first reaction came from a cleric of the destroyer, later to be known as Tirion. The next five or so minutes tend to be a blur, with mixed emotions of fear and a strange wetness. After coming to, Leonardo found himself being lifted in the air, despite his own hight, by a burly dwarf.

Somehow, they ‘forgave’ him, aside from the ill-tempered Tirion, and he has since been on several adventures with the group. Even after spending time with people who he angers due to his ‘habits’, he still focuses on the nearest chest or shiny object in the room. He has, on occasion however, managed to show off his usefulness to the group. In one instance, he silently obliterated four sleeping hobgoblins. Even with such an incredible achievement at the time, he still managed to show off his lacking wisdom by screeching loudly and stabbing to death an empty bedmat, almost allowing the surviving two hobgoblins to get away.

While a good chunk of his companions tend to think him a money-grubbing nuisance, he has indeed shown his skill in combat from time to time. His fanciful handiwork allows him to wield two shortswords in either hand with near no penalty to his ability to fight.

Ultimately he was annihilated by animate statues of Harova in an abandoned temple dedicated to her.


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