Mathin Thumbking

"Look, this agreement is simple: tell us what we need to know, when we need to know it, or I send word to Jupp to send Blaklaw to pay a visit. At that juncture, you won't be in a condition to tell anyone anything."


Class: Thief
Alignment: Unknown


Mathin is the spymaster and chief information gatherer of the Bogy Brothers, a crime group based in Portsport. It is rumored that he once infiltrated the local Thieves Guild to learn valuable information before defecting and using it to benefit himself and his Brothers, igniting an underground war that carries on to this day. In recent times, however, Mathin has been absent from Portsport; he and his sibling Meidan of Calm Mind have been dispatched northward, to the small village of Tinder to investigate something of apparent interest to the group. When he left or when he plans on returning is uncertain, as is the precise nature of the thing the Brothers seek.

Mathin Thumbking

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