"O great Destroyer, fill me with your benevolence and let me bestow upon thine enemy your eternal graces"


Tirion is a young and feeble half-elf cleric of the Destroyer who was born and raised in a small village outside of Clensa called Ironoak Crossing where his father was a cleric of the Three. Being how small the village was there were more often than not cheap raids for petty loot. But on one fine night there was a raid much larger than the casual hit and run. In said raid Tirion’s mother and father were both killed. Struck by such a tragic mishap Tirion fell into the arts of the Destroyer and took an oath to spread His will.

He was later sent by the church to check on a disturbance in Goblisooth where he encountered a group of travelers, notably Ah-Dol. From there on, his adventures have taken him to many places such as Welwyn where Bugbear raids and an ogre were fought. Tirion was nearly killed fighting in such a battle.

Tirion and his group later ended up in Barchil where they encountered the yellow Riichna Zilaan. Zilaan had a favor to ask of them relating to a place called Treefall in which they saved the town from rampant druid-like panther attacks. Upon returning to Barchil, Zilaan had another favor of them relating to trade in the northern part of Vanil which they carried out with relative ease and the loss of only 2 party members.

Tirion has also worked his way in the ranks of the Church of the Destroyer, and proved himself of worth. His church is of utmost importance to him as is his ability to spread the Destroyer’s will. Even to the point of taking part in the sermons held at the Church of the Destroyer located in Clensa.

Tirion’s ultimate goal in life is to settle down in Ironoak Crossing and to have his own church there in which he can spread the Destroyer’s will in his own hometown.

Unfortunately, Tirion met his demise in the form of an elemental fire trap in a temple of Corina.


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