Zelligar the Unknown


Not much is known about Zelligar the Unknown other than his name and a few fragments of his personal history. Upon first hearing his name, Tinder’s Champions scoffed because, hey, if he’s so unknown, why does everybody know his name? Then they tried to glean information about him and found that he is actually pretty unknown. It’s not even known whether he still lives or not.
What is known, though, is that he was a wizard and a bit of a historian. He has written at least two books: History of the Fifth Kingdom and The Keeper of the Gates and copies of these books now grace the shelves of Beeble’s Shop. It is also known that in the year 1498, he and Rhogan were granted land in the Brokenspire Mountains and they built the keep Qasqueston. During the building process, they discovered a vast network of caves beneath the land. It is known that the two had a party made up of themselves, Terrence Loren, who was Zelligar’s apprentice, Blebrox Cornmed, some Goldenaxebronzebeard dwarves, and some clerics of an as-of-yet unknown faith (his notes never specified). Of this party, Terrence was the only known survivor until Tinder’s Champions discovered Rhogan in the depths.
All that is known about Zelligar has been deduced from his notes and knowledge imparted upon Beeble by Terrence.

Giving credit where credit is due: image is from http://ailinstock.deviantart.com/art/Dark-Wizard-7-143469230.

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Zelligar the Unknown

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