"'Raepad' translates most directly into your language as 'something functional created by riichnaim, exchanged between riichnaim, and used by riichnaim.' I expand the translation to 'practical.'"


Class: Thief/Leyseer
Gender: Male
Alignment: Unknown, suspected True Neutral
Age: Approximately 700
Height: 6’2”
Eyes: Yellow
Languages: Riichna, Vanilli, Dwarvish, Gnomish


Zilaan is one of the four jachparceim, or “high traders,” answerable to the Merchantmaster of Barchil. It is his responsibility to oversee and maintain a positive trade environment for the riichna nation in the area roughly stretching from Clensa to Barchil. Like all riichna traders of that rank, he is regularly on the road and spends comparatively little time in Barchil itself.

A yellow riichna approximately 700 years of age, Zilaan was born in Uckala and was sent to Barchil after completing his initial schooling and training, where he joined the ranks of traders. He rose swiftly in standing but found himself bottlenecked below the rank of Merchantmaster because the current holder of the position was neither in danger of dying nor liable to increase his own rank in the near future.

Zilaan had been born in a liberal settlement and his forced interactions with other races only served to increase his opinion that current riichna relations with other races were close-minded and ultimately destructive. After he had gained enough political power to ensure he could not be arbitrarily toppled from his position, he made his opinions known to a greater degree, especially while traveling. He began to welcome members of other races to caravans he personally headed and, in due course, his caravans were comprised, with the exception of himself and his triumvirate, of human, halfling, or dwarf drivers, porters, and guards. This freed up his riichna underlings to pursue other tasks, and the Clensa-Barchil trade route led to rapidly increased prosperity for both cities.

Though he is only of average size for a riichna, Zilaan is easily picked out of a crowd by his surprising congeniality and genuine sense of humor (though there are some human or halfling jokes he still does not fully grasp). He also has taken up the habit of smoking, and carries a pipe and pipeweed on his person at all times, both gifts from the halfling communities he has passed through. When dealing with matters of trade or politics within the riichna nation, however, he is appropriately unyielding and to-the-point.

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