The Wondrous Hat of Terrence

"Don't touch the hat." - Beeble Brox


From Beeble’s notes
Well, let’s just say that Terry and I have been reunited! Yay! However, I will not divulge the secrets of this hat out of fear that somebody will try to steal it from me. That would make me very sad. I don’t like being sad, Diary, but I’m sure not sad now! I’m going to guard this with my life!


Very little is known about this hat to all except Beeble Brox. It appears to be a normal black hat worn by professors, but when it is dark and others need light, it glows—as if somehow willed by Beeble. When on his head, Beeble’s mind seems to be nimbler and, at times, it seems as if he is somehow mentally conversing with it. It was discovered at The Beach, the former hideaway of his late mentor Terrence Loren.

The Wondrous Hat of Terrence

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