Tinder's Champions

Alas, Tinder's Champions...

It is with a heavy heart that I report the fall of Tinder’s Champions.

I had been monitoring their progress through the Casad Reaches by means of a scrying device created by Zelligar long ago for the purpose of monitoring exploration and adventuring parties that we sent down into the depths. While I could keep an eye on them, I had no means, magical or mundane, through which to interfere in their explorations, so I kept this a secret.

Upon reaching a heavily enchanted door made of adamantite, the party camped and tried many ways to pass through the barrier instead of moving elsewhere. Through the use of a magical wand — most likely a wand of wonder — they were able to remove the barrier. They followed a small corridor that lead to an open sarcophagus. Upon reaching it, a skeletal wizard — a lich — unleashed terror upon the party. I watched helplessly as they fought with every fiber of their collective being in the hopeless battle.

The lich proved to powerful. I watched as Cokakar, Bristles, Brüno, Beeble Brox, Amelel, Dotaimor, Dred Roberts, Lena, Mechum, Nelly Cracklestring, and Torchorth, as well as a cleric of the Creator that I did not recognize, fell to the powerful being’s spells. As the last of the party fell, I believe that the lich noticed my scrying and my connection was instantly severed.

I now believe that this lich is heading up through the Reaches and looking to seek dominance upon the surface. Tinder’s Champions had many powerful items on their persons and this lich could be acquiring them for his own use, or perhaps using spells to raise my former friends and protectors to bend to his dark will. I humbly request any military you can spare, or at the very least, someone to recruit adventurers to aid me. I know not what dwells beneath these lands, but I know that it harbors no good will toward those of us keeping the peace on the surface.

-Lord Rhogan of Qasqueston

Action? Adventure? An adventuring party craves these things!

From Beeble’s Diary
Party | Beeble | Brüno | Bristles | Cokakar | Daxxtos | Dotaimor | Lena | Nelly | Torchorth

We woke up from what felt like a four-month long nap in that bastard huge cave. We walked around and found a stone mausoleum with locked iron doors. Since we had no lockpickers in the party, Cokakar BAMMED it open—but, alas! it was trapped! He got hit by a meteor storm and nearly died! But he didn’t! My friend lived!

There was a dead guy in the sarcophagus. Imagine that! He had shiny splint mail (splint mail +3, fire resist), a jadite ring (ring of featherfall), and a shiny longsword (longsword +2)! Of course we looted his dead bones.

We walked around some more. We found a big ol’ tar pit. It was icky. We saw some giant ant hills with giant ants! We didn’t fight them, though. Then we saw giant gates that were made of metal! Were they mithril? Yes! Were they the gates that we had read about? I consulted an outside source and found that, while these gates looked the same, they had different writing on them. That means there are at least two sets of mithril gates! So much mithril! Four hundred mithril! So, anyway, none of us could read the writing on the gates. I casted read languages and found this poem:
“My life as a wanderer has met its end
Doom begetting unfaithful friend
Awaits the turns of the untraveled course
Me and mine upon a lame horse
Beyond the shadows of rising dawn
These arms, these eyes are tired and drawn
Gates are empty
All hope is gone.”
Is it a riddle of some sort? I may have to research this! At least find the author! But I get too ahead of myself! More recap, less musing!

We saw some goblin miners. I talked to one of them and got nowhere. He wasn’t interested. Then we ran into some trolls! Bastards! They ganked on Cokakar and Nelly! We defeated them, though. Nelly caused some chaos, mostly amongst the party, with her wand of wonder. A couple diminution spells from it and she was .24" tall! We could have probably sent her through the mesh on the mithril gates to discover what lay beyond it, but we have all heard the old bard song about never splitting the party!

Anyway, we teleported out of there shortly after to restock and maybe research, and here we sit for who-knows-how-long. So I leave you with that.


Tinder's Champions: Screwing Everything Up Since 1531!
Wow...what did we get ourselves into now?

From Beeble’s Diary
Party | Amelel | Beeble | Brüno | Bristles | Cokakar | Daxxtos | Dorian | Dotaimor | Dred | Lena | Mechum | Nelly | Soolie | Torchorth

So, we decided to head to Portsport to get some things done. Some riichnas wanted to learn some spells and I wanted to get some information done. So I teleported Cokakar and Torchorth with me, Daxxtos, Lena, and Soolie to the Wizards Guild there. A short while later, Amelel, Dotaimor, Nelly, and Mechum just…showed up. I don’t know how they got there. Anyway.

I did some research on the Casad Reaches. I mostly read books that I’ve already read, but there was a newly published one there by freakin’ Drummond! It was about those friggin’ creatures that destroyed my home and have ravaged the Portsport District. It was cool. I also did some research on the bottles of that mustardy stuff that I found. Turns out that it’s from a mustard jelly. Imagine that! They can be used as a base in haste and slow potions! AWESOME!

So Soolie went to the bards and got some information. Daxxtos and Lena did stuff for the Church. The riichnas did there thing. We got Nelly’s bear helmet identified (also with some help from Agars; by the way, he retired from adventuring, but he still putters around Qasqueston). It’s a Helmet of the Bear. It amplifies the wearer’s strength, turns hands into bear claws (and lets them use frickin’ BEAR HUG), and you can summon a FREAKINGRIZZLY BEAR once per day! Nelly said she’s going to keep it until she gets some better spells; then she’ll hand it over to someone else in the party. So then I made another wand of Melf’s Acid Arrow.

While Nelly, Mechum, and I were researching, we heard a report over the Portsport Crystal Ball of Communication Amongst the City Guard. It said that the City Guard and one of its members, Bagget Slaughter, were in pursuit of an elf and a human wearing vestments of the Creator and four riichnas: a green, a red, a purple, and a blue. The riichnas were arguing in the street and the blue one was giving the elf high-fives, then said blue chased after a group of children, saying that he wanted to hug them. That is when Slaughter intervened and the party took off. The City Guard were requesting backup and Simoomese drugs to plant on the riichnas once they were apprehended. Crazy. So Mechum and Nelly said that we should help out. Dammit.

So we took a rickshaw and followed the chaos. We disembarked a short distance in front of the chase and Cokakar was running at me while yelling, “STEPLADDER MAN! BE A STEPLADDER!” Then he freakin’ SPRING-BOARDED OFF OF ME. IT WAS SO EPIC. It hurt pretty bad, but it was AWESOME.

Dred showed up around that time and sneaked across the border to the riichna district of the city, where the chaos-train was headed. We all ran that way. All of us non-riichnas were quickly apprehended by the riichna authorities and Amelel directed them to hide us in a safe area and was cursing about some report and some spear. I don’t know what he was talking about.

So Bagget was standing on the border of the district, yelling something at the riichnas about eating a wooden badge and a spear and a blue riichna. Probably Cokakar! So I was trying to talk to the riichna that was guarding us. I told him that Bagget’s slobber was going across the border and showering the riichna that was speaking with him, breaking the border law. Then Bagget wagged his finger in the face of that riichna, definitely breaking the border law. The riichna grabbed his hand and pulled him across the border and began attacking him.

Then a war broke out.

Amelel told the guard to let us go and join the fight. I could see Torchorth throwing around fire spells and, I swear to Lollerspam, he was cackling like a madman. I was looking for a vantage point to aid the riichnas. I saw Cokakar and asked him if there was a wall or a building he could help me up onto, but then he PICKED ME UP AND PUT ME ON HIS SHOULDERS. HOLY CRAP. IT WAS SO AWESOME. IT WAS LIKE HE WAS MY STEPLADDER! He waded into the fray and I suggested to Bagget that his daughter was in trouble and he screamed, “MY DAUGHTER IS DEAD!” I don’t know what that was all about.

The battle started dying down. Bagget lay dead. Amelel told us to stand down, but I wasn’t even standing. I was RIDING A RIICHNA! It looked like bodies exploded all over the border. It was messy. Cokakar set me down and talked to Amelel. Amelel was cursing about how he would have to file another report and so on and so forth and something about a spear and I said, “Wait, Cokakar, is this about your spear? Did you cause this?” Then he got really sad. He grabbed a claw off of a dead riichna and began cutting himself with it. What the…? And then he started CRYING. IT WAS THE SADDEST THING. EVER. He ran to the docks district and THREW THE SPEAR INTO THE OCEAN. IT WAS SO SAD. So then we teleported out of Portsport because it seemed like the logical thing to do. I’m pretty sure we just started something huge and bad. I’m sure the Bogy Brothers and The Brotherhood are going to use this as fuel for their racist agenda…

I talked to Rhogan about the Casad Reaches. I figure any information is good information. Then he said that he remembered my Pappy! He said that my Pappy was a cleric! I didn’t even know that! We made preparations for another foray into the Reaches and then departed.

We went to a place we hadn’t gone to before. It took us TWENTY-SEVEN HOURS TO GET THERE. THIS IS GETTING RIDICULOUS. Anyway. We got to a room. There was a ledge and we decided to follow it. Some creatures that I’m assuming are gargoyles swooped down on us! DUN DUN! Cokakar gored one. Another died due to us ganking it. The other two flew back up to the ledge and then EIGHTEEN gargoyles peered down at us, but made no move to attack. There was a bridge leading over a chasm. The chasm was about 200 feet deep and had a river rushing through it. We crossed the bridge, and sadly, Dorian fell through it. He fell. And fell. And fell. And fell. TWO-HUNDRED FEET. He hit the water. He SPLATTERED. It was sad. Then Amelel was like, “Hey, guys, there’s a hole in the bridge. You just can’t see it, but I can.” So he marked the hole by standing in front of it and we filtered around him. We got to the cave on the other side of the bridge, where we are currently.

IT IS SO FREAKINHUGE. I COULD NOT GRASP THE IMMENSITY OR LAYOUT OF IT. TERRY IS HELPING ME MAP IT BECAUSE, BY LOLLERSPAM’S LOLLERSKATES, IT IS SO HUGE. And now here we are, standing behind a waterfall. There is an open secret door in front of us and another off to the side that we can’t figure out how to open and I didn’t memorize knock. So that’s it. Until next time! If there is a next time…this thing with Portsport may be the death of us…

It came to me in a dream

From Beeble’s Diary
| Party | Agars | Beeble | Brüno | Cokakar | Daxxtos | Dorian | Lena | Soolie | Torchorth |
Okay, so we woke up in the hole where we were last time and I was exhausted and bedraggled and slightly bothered by that dream that I had. We dicked around with ways to figure out A) how to deal with the STORM GIANT ghost, and B) ways to rob its grave, because we’re adventurers and that’s what adventurers do. We couldn’t figure out a way to rob a freakin’ STORM GIANT’s sarcophagus. Thing was HUUUUUUUGE. Agars wanted me to polymorph him into a STORM GIANT or a TITAN so he could open it. I was fairly certain that that would have been a bad idea, so I didn’t do it. So, not knowing what to do, we went to the previous room.
We were looking at the statues, and of course, there was the STORM GIANT one with the script in the language of the giants. Agars cast read languages on it and found that it was a poem. I can’t remember exactly what it said; I tried copying the translation, but Agars was reading too quickly and I was too intrigued to copy it down. From it, we were able to learn that the other statue-man was a freakin’ TITAN. The poem was written by one of them, honoring the other…I can’t remember exactly. But yeah, we went into the other tomb and Brüno, Dorian, and Cokakar powered the door open on the first try.
The cave behind the door was painted like a beautiful Vanil night. I don’t know how the artist did it, but it appeared to be an accurate representation of the real night sky. If I was a druid, I would have felt extreme serenity. Also, right in the middle of this cave was a huge sarcophagus. Bigger than the other. Probably for the TITAN. We tried yelling at the ghost and calling it out, but there was no ghost. Hmm. So we couldn’t figure out what to do. Like any good band of adventurers, we decided to leave the room. We left the previous room and went down the hallway and it came into the chasm room we reached a while ago. Since we didn’t know what to do, we teleported out of there and I decided to do some research.
The party, with the exception of Brüno and Lena, teleported to Portsport. The riichnas went to do their thing, Daxxtos headed to the Church of the Creator, Soolie went to track down some bards, and I read some books at the Wizards Guild. I paid 300 gold pieces for access to the books they had about the Casad Reaches. The first book was one that I not only have read, but also have a copy of: History of the Fifth Kingdom by Zelligar the Unknown. There was a Fourth Kingdom history tome that I also read. These offered me no new information. However, there was another one there, and while it didn’t really offer me new information, it was still awesome because it was about those strange creatures. It was written by DRUMMOND THE ICE MAN! That was pretty cool. And that, my diary, is where I end my day.

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So here we are...still...

One thing I left out of my previous entry: On the trek down to where we were, we gave our friend Max the Otyugh another donkey and he gave us a (presumably magical) bear helmet! Nelly nabbed it and now dodders around proclaiming, “I’M A BEAR! ROOOAAARR!”
Back to the present. So we rested at the top of that cliff last night. Cokakar, Amelel, and Dotaimor spent a quite a bit of time arguing about Cokakar’s spear because they’re riichnas. Cokakar’s mood kept changing rapidly, but by the end of the argument, Amelel allowed him to keep the spear until we leave the caves again.
Anyway. We had a cliff to get down and rats were throughout the face of it, so we couldn’t use ropes (not that we had a long enough rope, anyway). Dred climbed down and took a hell of a tumble, but he survived. Bristles and Cokakar were hit with Levitate spells to help everyone else down. Also, Cokakar befriended the rats somehow…I don’t know how it happened, but seeing a smiling riichna covered in happy RATS! is a fine sight indeed! And then Cokakar and Bristles HUGGED EACH OTHER IN A SPIRALING LEVITATING HUG OF DOOM! IT WAS HILARIOUS AND AWESOME AND HEART-TOUCHING! Cokakar gave Bristles a BEARD-RAT! Its name is GRAP! Then we got to the bottom!
We were up-close and personal with Rhogan’swite tunnel.” We could see that it curved and that it would probably be a bad idea to just walk down it. I consulted a wise and trusted friend and he said that the tunnel saps one’s strength, but that he had once use a Fly spell to get through it. Since Bristles and Cokakar were already Levitating, Mechum and I came up with a plan: Mechum hit Brüno with a Strength spell (if I were to rate his new strength on a scale of 3 to 18, I’d say it was at 24) and then he chugged a Potion of Flight. Dorian and Dotaimor were hit with Levitate spells and we all linked ourselves with Brüno’s Rope of Climbing and made a FLYING ADVENTURE TRAIN OF DOOOOOOM! to get through the tunnel!
We reached the end of it and landed safely. We were at an intersection. We went one way and came into a chamber. There were two statues on either side of the back of the chamber. Both were huge and had writing carved into the bases. One was of a man holding a lightning bolt and was somewhat crude, and the other was of a big man, expertly carved. Amelel deduced that the writing was of the language of the Giants, but he was unable to decipher it, saying that it must’ve been an archaic form. At the front of the room, there were two ramps leading up to huge bronze doors that had expertly-crafted bas-reliefs of nature scenes. We took the left path and the dwarves powered it open.
We saw a decently-sized chamber with a giant stone box in the center. We quickly figured out that it was a tomb, because a HUGE FRICKINGHOST popped out of the box/sarcophagus. It was of the same image of the lightning-bolt-statue-man in the previous room! I figured that it had to be a freakin’ STORM GIANT!
We obviously pissed it off because it began attacking us, so we attacked it back. I ended up using up my Wand of Melf’s Acid Arrow. Nelly discovered that Lightning Bolt was ineffective against it (one of the factors that helped me deduce that it was a STORM GIANT). We were trying everything against it, but I had swapped most of my offensive spells for utility spells; dammit. It threw a lightning bolt at Cokakar, who took the hit directly and the lightning arced, hitting Brüno, Lena, Bristles, and Dorian. They didn’t take too much damage, but poor Cokakar dropped. The clerics and Amelel quickly began spells to resuscitate him while everyone attacked the BIG. FREAKIN’. GHOST. OF. DOOM.
Then the HUGE GHOST cast its gaze upon us. That was not fun. Not fun at frickin’ all, dammit. It AGED US AND NOW SOME OF US ARE OLD. Dorian gained about 27 years, Soolie about 25, Dotaimor about 39, Amelel about 8, Mechum about 31, me about 22, and then the poor humans...Dred gained about 21 years and Lena about 27. We deduced (after the battle…I’m starting to get ahead of myself) that the only way we could reverse this was by a Wish spell. Dammit. I CAN’T CAST THAT YET. The poor humans will probably be DEAD by the time I can! Dammit! The riichnas laughed it off because they frickin’ live for-freaking-ever. Bastards.
Anyway, back to the present. Daxxtos hit that huge mofo with SEARING LIGHT and kicked its ass a little. Then Amelel hit it with THORNS! Then the recently-revived Cokakar hit the bastard with his spear in what I can only call a CRITICAL HIT! Then Amelel THORNS’D it again! Bastard went down! Amelel is my hero!
After the fight, we tried everything we could do to open the freakin’ sarcophagus, but it’s way too huge. Also, Daxxtos and Lena, being the holy people that they are, informed us that we never figured out what it was that the ghost wanted, so it’s going to come back. Dammit. So here we sit, plotting our next move, my dearest Diary.

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So here we are

So we’re hiding out here, holed up in a little nook underneath Qasqueston. For the sake of things, I’ll recap the past couple weeks leading up to how we ended up here and why we’re holed up.

So we went to Portsport. Well, not all of us, but me, Lena, and Daxxtos (that elf whose name I always forget) went. We sold those huge stones and got a bunch of coins for them! I made two wands (one of Melf’s Acid Arrow (which is almost used up already…ugh…) and Beeble’s Instant Coin Counter). Lena and Daxxtos did clericy things and acquired a bunch of potions and scrolls to keep us alive.

So then we returned to Qasqueston and came down here. Ever since Cokakar acquired that spear of his, his mood changes rapidly. He was doing cool things like complimenting us and arguing with his Triumvirate and even doled out several high-fives! Including one to Daxxtos! A riichna and an elf high-fiving each other…I never thought I’d see the day! He would revert back to his usual surly self from time to time, though, and during one of those moments, he insulted our delightful gnomish bard, Mel Hester a.k.a. Soolie, by referring to his kazoo (the greatest instrument EVER!) as an “annoying saxophone.”

Cokakar, however, raged and smashed a bunch of wights, though he was weakened by them. After that, we went into a cavern and when we were arguing amongst ourselves, a freakin’ flesh golem with NECK BOLTS! and a female, presumably human, wizard entered. She Invisible’d herself and sent the golem after us while she (presumably) made a getaway. We attacked the thing and Cokakar, of course, whooped its stitched-together behind. After he killed it, we all went nuts!

Then we got to a portcullis. Brüno, Bristles, and the other dwarf whose name eludes me lifted it up and we went through. We kept going and then the world warped and we ended up in a different room. We went down some stairs and there were luminescent mushrooms growing down there. I don’t know what kind they were, but they were cool! So we kept going and we came across this slimy mustard-colored and mustard-smelling ball of slime. We attacked it and Cokakar almost died, but luckily the clerics were fast enough with their spells and potions to save him. I bottled some of the slime to analyze later.

So we kept going. There was a purple haze throughout the caves that made us all confused. We came to a chamber with a shimmery blue slimeball (that also smelled like mustard…yeech) and it attacked us. I expended quite a few Acid Arrows from my wand on that thing and Brüno got a little crunched by it, but we managed to make it stop moving. I bottled some of that one, too.

Anyway, we ended up where we are now. We’re in a cave (with none of that stupid purple haze!) and there’s a cliff here—I’d say it goes about 80 feet down. At the bottom of the cliff, there’s a strange-looking tunnel. Terry imparted some wisdom upon me when I asked if it was the “wite tunnel” that has the power to make one “wussied,” as I had read about in Rhogan’s entry in Zelligar’s Journal. It sure was. We seem to be going in the direction that those had gone in.
Also, now that I’m thinking about it, I’m assuming that those luminescent mushrooms that we passed were the same “mashrum” of “red and bleu color” that one of Rhogan’s comrades ate that made him “turn to a baby.” Maybe they’re not so cool anymore!
However, Diary, I am getting cock-eyed looks from Cokakar, so I should probably get back to sleep so I can recharge my spells! More will come when I know more!

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So...now Cokakar is my hero! And he hates that.

So I had a dream that some benevolent god-figure recreated all of my atrocious maps into something legible and when I woke up, they were lying on my table! It was pretty great because, you know, I could actually make sense out of them! Then we headed down into the depths beneath Qasqueston.
Now that the maps made sense, we decided to go to this massive chamber with LAVA! that we went to quite a while ago. See, we did battle with a priest of Casada and his minions there back then, and he escaped down a passage leading down to…somewhere! We decided to track him down again because recurring villains are the most dastardly of all.
On the way there, we passed through a place that I shall call Sir Joseph’s Dead Halfling Storage. There was garbage and some corpses there (whether they were halfling or not, I don’t know; halfling is just a fun word to say). That one guy in our party whose name currently escapes me dove into the refuse and was grabbed by big nasty tentacles! Oh noes! Then the owner of the tentacles wandered out. It was a freakin’ otyugh! He talked to us! He motioned toward the garbage man and said, “Gift? Friend? Max.” I managed to convince him that the tasty morsel in his tentacles wasn’t a gift, but if he was allowed to go, we would bring a donkey as a gift! He set down silly garbage man and we went back up to the surface, grabbed a donkey, and went back. Then we made friends with a freakin’ otyugh! His name is Max and he’s pretty cool. He gave us an awesome spear and we gave it to Cokakar and he really seemed to appreciate it! He got that look on his face that I sometimes get when I’m thinking very intensely! He got into an argument about the weapon with one of the other riichnas because of weird riichna laws, and other guy said to him, “You are being hypocritical.” Cokakar replied with, “I am no sort of hippo!” I laughed so hard! Cokakar rules. OH! AND COKAKAR COMPLIMENTED ME! THAT WAS AWESOME!
So anyway, we get to the doors of the big ol’ nasty LAVA! chamber and we could hear noise coming from the door. Brüno kicked in the freakin’ door and Casada-guy was back on his perch over the LAVA and surrounded by his mooks on the ground. The party charged forward, fighting off most of the spells being flung at them, and clashed with the ground-mooks, and I followed behind them. Battle was going on and Casada-guy up top was hurling spells at us, then he summoned what must’ve been a freakin’ MOCHADIM! A terrochim, maybe…it was freaky! Lena fished out a scroll and began reading it and POOF! the freakin’ monster was gone! See, sometimes I do get a little jealous of clerics! So battle’s going on, the blood’s flowing (internally and externally, if you know what I mean!) and Casada-guy summons some freakin’ wraiths! A couple of our guys took hits from them…Brüno did and someone else did…the heat of battle and LAVA was so hot I can hardly remember specific details! I threw an Ice Storm spell at the Casada-guy up top with my wand, but I didn’t think that cunning plan through so we were all trapped in a steam cloud for a bit! It burned! So most of the cleric-mooks were going down and we started focusing on the wraiths with a little support on the guy up on top. I hit a wraith with a couple Melf’s Acid Arrows, depleting my wand of said spell. Cokakar was raging and killing guys left and right. Guy up top kept flinging spells at us, so I hit him with a Mindblast from my hat! It was awesome. The red riichna put a wall of flame around him while we kicked the crap out of his minions. Finally it was just us and Casada-guy up top and I tried devising a plan. I was thinking of guarding all of the ways up and down from his platform and being ready with some firepower (only Lighting Bolt!) if he tried anything funny while we tried to extract information from him. Cokakar thought this was foolish and charged up the freakin’ stairs, dove through the FREAKINFIRE, and TACKLED THE MAN THROUGH THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FIRE AND THREW HIM INTO THE LAVA! It was so epic! Cokakar kicks so much ass. So we smashed up the place and heard an unearthly scream from the depths as we destroyed the altar to Casada, and looted everything and returned to Qasqueston.
When we arrived home, we took inventory of our freshly-pillaged treasures. I Identified one of the five steel shields we horked off the corpses of the mooks and it had minor magical protection enchanted upon it, so I’m assuming that the remaining shields do, too. The spear that Cokakar now wields proved to be quite interesting, however. It appears to be heavily enchanted. I was able to Identify it as a Spear of the Wild and that an enchantment would allow the wielder better chances to hit and deal more damage, but attempts by all of us wizards to Identify it further proved ineffective. We also snatched a couple fire agates about the size of my freakin’ head! With my experiences with gems, I was able to place them at about 30,000 gold coins apiece…man, 60,000 gold coins! Imagine what we could do with that!
Well, Diary, that’s about it for now. I need to get working on some research that I’m researching and working on!

Mechum is my hero!

So we spent the winter of 1535 in Portsport. I spent the bulk of my time performing menial labor for the Wizards Guild. I also came up with a spell! I’m really excited about it. Okay, so, you know when you’re deep down in the depths of a dungeon and you find a huge pile of coins? Or maybe a treasure chest full of coins? And, like, you don’t know how many or what coins are in there? PROBLEM SOLVED! With Beeble’s Instant Coin Counter, you can know exactly what is in a pile just by casting the spell! No need to spend hours counting a pile of coins in a deadly dungeon anymore! Awesome!

So, after that, we went back to Tinder. We found that Rhogan had set up shop in the keep of Qasqueston once again and he gave me my own workshop! And a Teleport focus! Yay! All of us are allowed to stay there as a home base of sorts and it’s pretty nice. However, the dangers still lurk below in the Casad Reaches, so we’re still working on that.

We delved down there. My maps are…atrocious, at best. However, I made enough sense out of them to get us to where we wanted to go (a special thanks to Cokakar for carrying all those torches for the blindies) and we went there. As usual, “left-left-always-to-the-left” was in effect. So we came to this cave and there were tons of spiders. Big ones. Brüno, Mechum, Cokakar, and the new dwarf who hasn’t told us his name yet made pretty quick work of them. Then we got to a huge cave and were beset by more spiders! Then there was a wizard-type-spidery-lady that seemed to be commanding the spiders! And then there was an iron golem spider! Oh no! I managed to get that creepy lady once with my patented Spectral Hand-Shocking Grasp Goosing. The tough guys took care of the spiders while the rest of us (except Mechum) hammered on the golem. I hit it a few times with my wand enchanted with Melf’s Acid Arrow and I reminded Dred that he had that rusting gauntlet that he picked off those trolls we fought a while back, so he put that to DAMN good use! While we were doing that, Mechum popped a Levitate potion, floated up to spider lady, and kept casting Taunt on her. Gods, that gnome is a genius. So then she casts Invisibility on herself, I guess, as Dred shot an arrow at her. I don’t quite remember what happened, as I was in the heat of battle against that friggin’ golem of doom, but there was a huge spray of blood, guts, and gore on the floor a short distance away. The battle ended and we discovered that the wizard lady, while invisible, had fallen to her doom. I’m not quite sure how it happened, but her badass spidery cloak was ruined. Anyway, Mechum found her lair and horked a bunch of beautiful (albeit creepy) tapestries and ten books. Then we teleported back to Qasqueston.

We got back and took a look at those books. One appeared to be something written by Zelligar that got me all excited and nine were spellbooks that got me even more excited. Mechum and I spent the next while figuring out all the spells in the spellbooks and, boy howdy, there are some damn good ones in there! We’re not sure whose they were (obviously Spiderlady was using them), but whoever wrote them was damn powerful because one of the books contained Wish!

And with that, my dear Diary, I must end. I have some work to work on. Until next time!

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This adventure took place on Friday, May 28, 2010.

Agars's Point of View
The begining

Well now, I really have no idea on what is going on. You would think that after all this time, I would have a handle on how the world works so far, and yet I do not. If I were to write it all down to get everything situated in my head, that might clear things up. Yes, yes.

I first met the group in the little town of Tinder, tired and exhausted from my running away from slavery. My wife and I met the crusaders and decided to join them, if only for the added protection. They wished to travel into a dungeon of dangers and mayhem. While I was opposed to it, the Mrs. decided that it would help to travel and get the stress of the mines out of my system.

It has been a grand ole time. We go into the dungeon with six-seven people and come out with three or so. Some of them I liked, and some of them I’d wish a bloodier demise. I no longer remember the original reason we traveled into the depths, since the original members now only consist of another wizard named Bebbel, a riichna named… something. Allamel… I never did ask for a proper spelling. I do know that whatever the reason, we have stumbled across a danger to the entire continent that I’d much rather keep six feet underground.

Now, the party consist of who know what next. Every time I come back to town, I end up getting drunk with some dwarf and I pop in and out of consciousness. When I do get my head together, we’re missing someone and have another member to the party. How odd. I really should stop drinking with that dwarf… Pudding or something. But he seems so much fun at the start of the night.

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