Tag: Metagame


  • Casada

    Casada is one of [[The Three Sisters]], and of them the most cruel and uncaring. Known as Mistress of Earth and the Darkness Beneath, she is the goddess believed by ancient Vanilli to have created the earth, upon which everything else rests. Her domain …

  • Leyseers in the Metagame

    The leyseer is a character class within the wizard group. Combining spellcasting ability with a bit of martial prowess (though they are not nearly as bulky and skilled as clerics or even druids), oracles excel at damaging and incapacitating single targets …

  • House Rules

    The ruleset under which play in the world of [[Gymalle]] takes place is a horrible mishmash of 2E, 1E, BECMI Rules Cyclopedia, and some 3E rules. The entirety of the house rules is as follows: A. Character Generation
    1. New character …

  • Darchnaim in the Metagame

    Darchnaim Mojad (Ripper) AC 7
    HD 3
    Movement: 20'/round
    Damage: 1d4 (claw), 1d4 (claw), 1d2 (bite)
    Special Qualities: Infected strike, mindless, poison/disease/acid resistance
    INT: Non-
    Organization: Solitary …

  • Corina

    Corina is one of [[The Three Sisters]]. She is the Giver of Light and the Breath of Life, and is believed by ancient Vanilli to have created the sun, moon, and stars which are the source of all light and life. She is somewhat an anomaly compared to her …

  • Harova

    Harova is one of [[The Three Sisters]], also known as Lady of the Sea, The Storm Queen, and (among the more vulgar sailors) as "Ol' Appletits." It is Harova who creates the oceans and rivers and who keeps them stocked with their bounties. Recently, with …