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  • Tinder's Champions

    Tinder's Champions is the title of a group of adventurers who have, for the most part, blundered about the area of [[Tinder]] in the [[Portsport District]] of [[Vanil|North Vanil]]. Founded by adventurers who have long since [[Graveyard|passed away]], …

  • The Crimson Skulls

    The Crimson Skulls (also known as the Bloody Company) are an adventuring group currently roaming around in [[Portsport District]]. They have membership from various races and cultures around Vanil, but are well-known for being ardently anti-magic; it is …

  • Chumsley's Heroes

    Chumsley's Heroes was a band of adventurers who existed - shortly - during the [[Ninth Kingdom]], around the late 1480's-early 1490's. They were named as such after Bert Chumsley, a party member, died in battle.

    Bert Chumsley, a …