Bogy Brothers

The Bogy Brothers are a crime syndicate capable (or apparently so) of acting independently from the Thieves Guild in Portsport. They have been active for at least 25 years now and ruthlessly dominate those who lives in areas under their control. The Portsport Port Authorities allows the organization free reign because it, by and large, keep its business restricted to the poorest parts of town and keeps tight reign on its underlings. This has led to frictions with the Thieves Guild over territory and wealth; while the Portsport Thieves Guild takes cuts from otherwise-legitimate business ventures, the Bogy Brothers engage in the smuggling of rare or otherwise illegal products to earn much of their income and undercut the prices offerable through affiliates of the Thieves Guild.

The Bogy Brothers appear to be run by a conclave of five leaders who claim to be related. How this conclave makes its decisions and the Bogy Brothers’ current pursuits are unknown; individuals who wish to move up in the organization are no doubt thoroughly vetted regarding their loyalty, with inadequate applicants permanently removed. For the most part, their lowest ranks are made of disposable street thugs.

They also have a strange interest in the caves near the village of Tinder, and have dispatched mid-level operatives to survey the area. They have uncovered some surprising things in their search. Their ultimate goal is as yet unknown, but it is suspected to tie into one of the Brothers following the tenets of Casada.

The leading conclave of the Bogy Brothers is comprised of:

Blaklaw the Hammerer

Meidan, Calm of Mind

Mathin Thumbking

Siltweaver Jupp

Seabinder Andrew

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Bogy Brothers

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