Bozel Kelenthelor

Born and raised in Brokenspire Mountain, Bozel was brought up in the militia by his foster father ever since he learned how to walk. His real parents had been killed in a goblin raid while traveling to Podenspitt in the mountains northwest of Kalimaar. Because of this injustice, Bozel took on both the great axe as a weapon and “no mercy” as a philosophy.

For over 30 years, he patrolled the way to Grezzik’s Pass. Every enemy he encountered was cleaved in twain by his ferocity and sheer strength. He soon became a role model amongst the younger militia. After much begging, Bozel finally agreed to take them on patrol with him. He took them under his wing, drilling them for battle and for emergencies: everything from ogres to a cave-in. They drank up his words like the finest ale, and he grew to like them and cared for them like an older brother. Bozel began to lose his hatred. He loosened up. Laughed. Enjoyed life. Lost the edge that had made him a perfect soldier.

One day, after camping on Grezzik’s Pass with his three favorite pupils, they began a brisk jog back to Brokenspire. Even though Bozel wished to reach a waypoint before camping again, ten hours of hasty travel had left him worn and weary. He gave into the youngsters’ pleas to stop. With their voices and laughter surrounding him, Bozel drifted off to sleep. After several hours, or so he presumed, Bozel awoke to find them vanished. In their places were various splatters of blood and gore. After frantically searching the area, he found a crushed hand, gray and pockmarked with undeath. Bellowing a curse, he sped down the tunnel, following the splats of red dwarf blood and bits of flesh. After ten minutes of running, he discovered three figures hunched over a still twitching corpse…ghouls. Two of them were what remained of the young dwarves. The third was still being devoured. Grimacing, and with tears running into his beard, Bozel dispatched them all with quick, clean swipes of his axe.

Upon finishing his work, he dragged all three of his fallen comrades to the nearest waypoint, and demanded they receive a proper burial, so they might be welcomed into Laksewaller’s beard. After replenishing his supplies, he made his way back to Grezzik’s Pass, and from there he disappeared. He wandered the mountains and some time later, he found himself in Tinder. He met Tinder’s Champions and decided to cast his life in with theirs, hoping to make up for his past mistakes. To this day, he keeps all ties professional and even, forsaking true friendship as penance for what he feels he allowed to happen.

Despite a valiant struggle, Death found Bozel in the form of mummy poison. He was stricken down in battle, with no means of salvation, and met his doom in the dark reaches of the Casad Reaches. A stone now bears his name in the necropolis.

Bozel Kelenthelor

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