Brewers Guilds

The brewing of alcohol is a time-honored craft on the continent of Vanil. Every good adventurer, laborer, peasant, and noble enjoys a tasty beverage from time to time and are served diligently by barkeeps, tavern wenches, and pub masters, but the drinks have to come from somewhere. That’s where the Brewers Guilds come in.

Dwarven Brewers Guild
“Aye, King Brüno, we were out gatherin’ hops ‘n’ barley fer th’ brew, an’ we come back, an’ there weren’t nothin’ there. Jus’ solid mountain. We don’ know what happened. ‘Tis a great sorrow, it is.”
“Aye, ‘tis, me friend. I ain’t sure what I’m gonna do now. All I knows is I ain’t gonna call meself ‘king’ no more ‘til we find th’ clan again. Pass me another ale while I think.”
-Grand Brewer Durithur and Brüno Beardcleaver

The Hammerstone Brewers Guild is a branch of the worldwide Dwarven Brewers Guild and is based in Brokenspire Mountain. The worldwide organization was established in 413 when the dwarves began exporting their alcohol to supplement their mining, building, and crafting expenses. However, the Hammerstone chapter wasn’t chartered until 999 due to wars and other expenses in the Brokenspire Mountains and surrounding areas. The Hammerstone chapter was originally headquartered at Hammerstone Keep, but since Clan Hammerstone’s disappearance, they are now based at Diremug Lookout.
Famous Brews: Bearded Ale, Brokenspire Lager, Beard-cleaving Whiskey
Grand Brewers of Hammerstone Brewers Guild
999-1089: Bardik Hammerstone
1089-1145: Valdig Diremug
1145-1302: Geim Diremug
1302-1397: Balurthrain Bouldershoulder
1397-1508: Burdok Hammerstone
1508-present: Durithur Diremug

The Gnomish Guild of the Crafters of Delicious Fermented Beverages
Famous Brews: Dwigt’s Famous Beet Wine, Uncle Thibble’s Beet Schnapps, Doctor Adrock’s Pine Cone Wine, Berry-Apple Lager

The Four Families
Family Vintners: Chalk, Chelk, Chilk, Chulk

Riichna Brewers, Vintners, and Distillers
Notable Concoctions: Barchilad Old Ale and Barchilad Grain Liquor, Uckalaad Sweet Red, South Continental Brandy

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Brewers Guilds

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