Brokenspire Mountains

The Brokenspire Mountains are a range of mountains on the continent of Vanil. They stretch from the middle of the continent, south of Barchil, south-east of Tuma, and with Clensa right to the west, all the way down to South Vanil, on the border of the Portsport District.

Composition of the Mountains
The Brokenspire range was formed largely by volcanic and tectonic activity. The mountains are largely granitic in nature and have high concentrations of minerals and metals. The second-largest mountain of the range is Sand Mountain which, oddly, is the only mountain in the range composed completely of sandstone. None of the geologists of Vanil have been able to discern how this happened, but gnomes are known to laugh maniacally and nervously when asked about it. The largest of the mountains in the range is the eponymous Brokenspire Mountain, in the south of the range, which has the highest mithril content of all the mountains in the range. There are two breaks in the range: one in the north at Grazzet’s Pass, and one in the south at Gerbod, after which the range continues shrinking until it joins with the Grimrock Mountains at the Western Imperial Strongpoint.
In the southern region, beneath the keep Qasqueston, is a vast network of subterranean tunnels, caves, and caverns. It has been documented that the composition of this network, including its populace, vegetation, and mineral and rock types, are peculiar. It is currently under investigation by a band of adventurers dispatched by the patron of the keep, Rhogan.

Settlers of the Mountains
Dwarves are, by far, the most numerous people in the Brokenspire Mountains. Their original settlement, Hammerstone Keep, was built in Brokenspire Mountain and because of the size, many refer to the city just as “Brokenspire Mountain” or “Brokenspire.”
Gnomes also have a significant presence in the range, especially since the downfall of Crumblesbrook. They are currently in the process of rebuilding a predominantly-gnomish settlement in the middle of the range, called Snabapple.
It is known that adherents of Corina fled into the range when they were being persecuted by the Church of the Three, but it is unknown where they are hiding. It is possible that dwarves or even gnomes provided sanctuary for these refugees, but if they did, they have said nothing and have released no record of them.
There are also groups of mountain-dwelling humans and, of course, monsters in the region. The most significant of the monsters is a red dragon around the south of the range and Brokenspire Mountain, Esfuerron the Red.

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Brokenspire Mountains

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