Casada is one of The Three Sisters, and of them the most cruel and uncaring. Known as Mistress of Earth and the Darkness Beneath, she is the goddess believed by ancient Vanilli to have created the earth, upon which everything else rests. Her domain also encompassed death and the afterlife, where all the spirits of the dead traveled to her fabled cavern home, gaining happiness or punishment as determined by their actions in life.

While originally she was viewed as stoic and apathetic, with the coming of the Church of the Three and the slow but sure conversion of her worshipers, she grew vengeful and goaded her followers to acts of evil, decreeing all blasphemers be slain and striving to retain her current worshipers through thinly-veiled threats passed down through her clerics. However, by the end of the Fifth Kingdom, worship of Casada (and, indeed, all of the Sisters) had become heresy, with the ascension of the Church of the Three as the dominant religion of Vanil, which declared these gods not deities, but powerful demonic deceivers.

In recent times, her few remaining dedicated clerics have labored tirelessly to bring her back to a position of grandeur. At the moment she is said to be bound in the natural underground complex that bears her name, and many, including Zelligar the Unknown and Tinder’s Champions have descended beneath the earth to determine the veracity of this claim.

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In the Metagame

Cleric of Casada
Class Specifications and Requirements
HD: d8
Requirements: STR 11, CON 13
Allowed weapons: All blunt
Allowed armor: All metallic, no non-metal
Alignment: LE, NE, CE

Available spells:
1st: Cause Fear, Cause Light Wounds, Darkness, Entangle, Life Exchange, Magic Stone, Make Vulnerable, Shillelagh
2nd: Affect Metal, Desecration, Elemental Blade (earth), Elemental Trap (earth), Feign Death, Ghoul’s Imbuement, Speak With Dead, Warp Weapon
3rd: Animate Dead, Conjure Element (earth), Death Knell, Entropic Touch, Glyph, Leech Life, Soul Bind, Weaken to Element
4th: Bestow Curse, Bull Strength, Cause Moderate Wounds, Circle of Fear, Dismissal, Elemental Burst (earth), Remove Petrification, Righteousness
5th: Age, Circle of Death, Consume Energy 10’ Radius, Dispel Good, Petrify, Shadow Gate, Stoneskin, Summon Spirits
6th: Astral Shift, Cause Critical Wounds, Leech Essence, Summon Demon, Unholy Burst, Unlife, Word of Recall

Class abilities

1st level: Earth elemental alignment, control undead
2nd level: +2 to saves vs. petrification
5th level: -1 bonus to AC
7th level: Earthball (1d6 earth damage/level (max 10d6 damage) in 20’ radius 60’ distant) 1/day
10th level: +1 HP/HD


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