Chosen of Casada

The Chosen of Casada are a strange new creature that has been spotted throughout Portsport District starting around the year 1515. They are a small goblin- or gnome-sized race with waxy skin, large, pale eyes, and distended, vaguely froglike fingers and toes. They have staged raids on locations through the District, with the greatest number concentrated around Tinder.

In the summer of 1533, Tinder’s Champions were hired by Drummond the Ice Mage to kill some of these creatures and to bring the bodies back in coffins specially-enchanted to preserve the bodies, at which point Drummond and others (including the Church of the Destroyer and Portsport Wizards’ Guild) could conduct dissection and research on them. In encountering the creatures, Tinder’s Champions learned that touching or being touched by a Chosen’s bulbous digits sapped one’s fortitude, and that these creatures are capable of at least basic wizardcraft.

Upon returning to Portsport in the summer of 1534, Drummond informed Tinder’s Champions that his and others’ research had uncovered that the creatures appear to be a goblin subspecies. Clerics, especially those who worship Corina or The Creator have reported a “taint” about them similar to that of mochadim, though these creatures are clearly mortal.

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Chosen of Casada

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