Clan Axesmasher

Not many records of Clan Axesmasher exist. It is known that they were made up of Selja and Gruffins, but they are not counted as a combined clan because they were never considered an official clan to begin with. They formed sometime around 645 as a ragtag band of thieves, thugs, brigands, and outcasts who gathered around Sand Mountain and built a modest city called Axesmasher Stronghold. They began to dedicate themselves to Pelptin and lashed out at Clan Hammerstone and the other clans in the region.

Sigil: A broken black axe on a crimson field.
City: Axesmasher Stronghold, which is now the base of operations for the Dwarven History Guild, Brokenspire Chapter and called the Dwarven History Citadel.

Leadership of Clan Axesmasher
No real leadership for the clan has ever been recorded. The only leader ever recorded was Wurjyr Axesmasher, which was learned by the spies that infiltrated the clan in 925.

History of Clan Axesmasher
  • Their first attack on Hammerstone Keep occurred in 651, when they followed three red dragons into the city and wreaked havoc in their wake. They suffered heavy losses at the hands of both the Hammerstone Army and the dragons, but the majority was able to retreat. They built their numbers and began calling themselves Pelptin’s Warriors.
  • In 685, they mounted another attack against Hammerstone Keep, but suffered heavy losses against the Hammerstone Army and its new Beardcleaver maneuver.
  • Around 690, they sent a few clerics to the regions surrounding Sejlahusk and Gruffinshome to seek new converts and spread the teachings of Pelptin.
  • After building their numbers, they began raiding the mines around Hammerstone Keep around 790. They made no real progress, but proved to be a major nuisance. At this point, the dwarves of Brokenspire Mountain discovered that these evil dwarves were worshipers of Pelptin.
  • Around 863, Clan Axesmasher had massed a fairly large number and began intensely training its army. In 864, they spread a rumor that they would be attacking Hammerstone Keep soon, with no intentions of actually doing so yet.
  • In 899, Pelptin’s Warriors began harassing minor clans to get a feel for their strength and numbers.
  • In 900, the clan officially begins calling itself Clan Axesmasher.
  • In 910, Clan Axesmasher sent a party of approximately 25 trolls to raid one of the mithril mines so they could take it over for themselves, but they never heard back from the trolls. Scouts confirmed that the party of trolls met its doom in the mine.
  • In 925, Clan Axesmasher sent a group of gnomes, who had recently discovered black powder, to Hammerstone Keep to assassinate King Bofras and Queen Valgal. They were successful. The new King Skargard II sent spies to infiltrate Clan Axesmasher, who were successful and avoided detection.
  • In 926, the Hammerstone Army went to war with Clan Axesmasher. In a major battle in 927, King Skargard II and Queen Dardu were killed. The new ruler of Clan Hammerstone, Steward McGrath, forms an uneasy truce with Clan Axesmasher in 928 and the event becomes known as Dwarf War the First.
  • In 1016, a handful of Axesmashers put aside their grudge to drink with Clan Hammerstone. When they returned to Axesmasher Stronghold, they were executed as traitors.
  • Around 1066, Clan Axesmasher hired a necromancer to attack Hammerstone Keep.
  • In 1129, a group of Axesmashers infiltrated Hammerstone Keep to spy on Clan Hammerstone. They found a statue of a human and were perplexed, so they stole it and returned to Axesmasher Stronghold. Shortly after, Clan Hammerstone declared war on Clan Axesmasher. King Odu and Queen Gilgal Beardcleaver were slain during a battle in 1130 and King Anghred II and Queen Twella were slain in battle a few days afterwards.
  • In 1156, the war, Dwarf War the Second, came to an end. Clan Axesmasher had lost many in the battle, but the few survivors were allowed to live on the conditions that they return the statue and consent to being monitored by Clan Hammerstone and gnomes of Crumblesbrook.
  • By 1297, Clan Axesmasher had built up enough numbers to be offically considered a clan again, and this time, they applied for official clanship loyal to Clan Hammerstone. While their application was being considered, Clan Hammerstone dispatched dwarves to help the Axesmashers rebuild their city and consider who should be their leader.
  • Around 1300, Axesmashers secretly begin recruiting goblinoids, orkoids, giants, and undead to their ranks.
  • In 1312, the Axesmashers murder the Hammerstones monitoring them and launch a surprise attack against Hammerstone Keep. King Anghred III was slain moments before he could finish stamping and signing the Axesmashers’ application for official clanship. Clan Hammerstone recruited gnomes from Crumblesbrook and destroyed the majority of Clan Axesmasher.
  • In 1333, the war, Dwarf War the Third, came to an end. Clan Axesmasher was allowed to rebuild under the watchful eyes of dwarves and gnomes alike.
  • In 1335, Clan Axesmasher rose up against their watchers. As a result, Clan Axesmasher ceased to exist.

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Clan Axesmasher

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