Clan Diremug

Clan diremug Clan Diremug resides to the south of where Hammerstone Keep once was in the southern Brokenspire Mountains. With the disappearance of Clan Hammerstone, Clan Diremug has become the ruling dwarven clan, as they were the next in line in terms of size and power in the Brokenspire region. Clan Diremug was established in 489 when King Skargard I granted land to General Scrubbles Diremug for his dutiful service to the Hammerstone Army with his group, the Diremugs. Leadership of Clan Diremug is determined by democratic vote every 10 years and leaders are limited to 10 consecutive terms; leaders are not allowed to be re-elected unless the term is consecutive. All of-age dwarves are able to vote. In the event of a leader’s death, another election is held.
In addition to their fierce armed forces, the Diremugs have contributed much to the brewing of alcohol in the Brokenspire region, and several guildmasters and many members of the Hammerstone Brewers Guild have been Diremugs. Also, the Diremugs are responsible for stopping Portsport’s northern expansion at the base of Brokenspire Mountains. Clan Diremug was loyal to Clan Hammerstone until its disappearnce; it is now the ruling clan and will resume loyalty to Clan Hammerstone when/if it reappears.
Bristles Diremug of Tinder’s Champions hails from Clan Diremug.

Sigil: A frothy crimson mug on a white field
City: Diremug Lookout

Leadership of the Clan
489-569: General Scrubbles I
569-579: Brewer Ruggathur
579-669: General Tyg
669-769: General Toghi
769-859: Brewer Weg
859-959: General Scrubbles II
959-1039: General Scruffy
1039-1129: General Lurr
1129-1229: Brewer Ziggy
1229-1239: Brewer Jegg
1239-1319: Brewer Skargard
1319-1399: General Huckles
1399-1459: General Yurghard
1459-1519: General Anghard
1519-present: Brewer Riggby

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Clan Diremug

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