Clan Goldenaxebronzebeard

Clan goldenaxebronzebeard Clan Goldenaxebronzebeard started as a fearsome group in the Hammerstone Army, the Golden-Axe-Bronze-Beards. For their service in fighting against Clan Axesmasher in 860, King Bofras granted General Harl Goldenaxebronzebeard land north of Hammerstone Keep in the Brokenspire Mountains, thus establishing Clan Goldenaxebronzebeard. The clan is unique in that their warriors only wield gold-plated axes and bronze their beards. The Goldenaxebronzebeards have an unworldly love for gold and bronze, and choose only to mine those two metals. They are generally combat-oriented, but when they catch a whiff of gold or bronze ore, that’s the only thing on their mind. Leadership is based on democratic election within the clan and the leader serves until his or her death; all of-age dwarves are able to vote. If, for any reason during the leader’s reign, a majority of Clan Goldenaxebronzebeard is unhappy with their leader, they are allowed to take a Vote of Replacement. If the majority (80%) votes for the current leader to be replaced, a new leader is voted for and the winner executes the current leader. So far, it has never come to this. Clan Goldenaxebronzebeard was loyal to Clan Hammerstone until its disappearance; they are now loyal to Clan Diremug until/if Clan Hammerstone reappears.

Sigil: A bronze beard wielding a golden axe on a black field.
City: Goldenaxebronzebeard Fortress

Leadership of the Clan
860-942: General Harl
942-1036: General Greta
1036-1045: General Thur
1045-1124: General Yurgin
1124-1218: General Hurgin
1218-1312: General Maus I
1312-1432: General Petra
1432-1515: General Norg
1515-present: General Rigga

Sometime around 1300, Clan Goldenaxebronzebeard suffered a tragic loss. General Maus’s son, Maus Goldenaxebronzebeard II, who had suffered brain damage due to a collapse in a mine, wandered away from home. A year or so later, word was received that young Maus’s corpse was discovered with the corpses of presumed fellow adventurers near the Grimrock Mountains.

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Clan Goldenaxebronzebeard

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