Clan Hammerstone

In the year 320, a Gruffin, Ol’ Salty Scrubbybeard, and a Selja, Dveight Dveightschrüt, both settled on Brokenspire Mountain. The two threatened to kill each other if the other didn’t leave, but one day, when they were walking out to yell at each other, they found their children, Ange Scrubbybeard and Dveight Dveightschrüt II, making out in an alcove. They both laughed hysterically and agreed not to kill each other, seeing as how their children were madly in love. Ange Scrubbybeard and Dveight Dveightschrüt married and established Clan Hammerstone.

Sigil: A golden hammer striking a black stone on a silver field
City: Hammerstone Keep

Hammerstone Army
The Hammerstone Army was, exactly as it says, the army of the dwarves of Brokenspire Mountain. It was established in 453 as a safety measure and proved to be most useful. In the Hammerstone Army, in addition to the main army, there are many groups of specialized warriors. Several of the leaders of these groups were given their own lands and became minor clans sworn to Clan Hammerstone, most notably Clan Diremug and Clan Goldenaxebronzebeard. When Content Not Found: brunobeardcleaver returned Brokenspire Mountain in 1523, he discovered that the main branch of Hammerstone Army had disappeared with the rest of Clan Hammerstone and Hammerstone Keep.

Rulers of Clan Hammerstone
320-356: King Dveight and Queen Ange
356-486: King Durble I and Queen Affi
486-554: King Skargard I and Queen Glorbek
554-619: King Tavern and Queen Snaggle
619-622: Steward Stewart
622-831: King Anghred I and Queen Dwela
831-845: King Braun and Queen Kilral – This period marks the point at which the royal family of Clan Hammerstone changed their family name from “Hammerstone” to “Beardcleaver.”
845-853: King Thargard I and Queen Hartek
853-925: King Bofras and Queen Valgal
925-926: King Skargard II and Queen Miggery
927-966: Steward McGrath
966-1020: King Dûmithur and Queen Miggery
1020-1067: King Dûmrik and Queen Olga
1067-1130: King Odu and Queen Gilgal
1130-1130: King Anghred II and Queen Twella
1130-1175: Steward Gristle Stubbs
1175-1258: King Argal and Queen Gilain
1258-1312: King Anghred III and Queen Wergal
1312-1413: King Roth and Queen Fara
1413-1458: King Durble II and Queen Morki
1458-1521: King Thargard II and Queen Darla
1521: King BrünoKing Brüno arrives from a diplomatic mission to discover that Hammerstone Keep and Clan Hammerstone have mysteriously disappeared. King Brüno declares that he shall no longer call himself king until the clan and keep are found.

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Clan Hammerstone

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