Corina is one of The Three Sisters. She is the Giver of Light and the Breath of Life, and is believed by ancient Vanilli to have created the sun, moon, and stars which are the source of all light and life. She is somewhat an anomaly compared to her sisters in that her spheres of influence are both fire and air.

Corina has always been seen as a caring, benevolent goddess who is forgiving of others and sought nothing more than to spread warmth and happiness to all. During the Sixth Kingdom and the pogroms of the Church of the Three, followers of Corina accepted their fate and, instead of fighting the zealots of The Three, withdrew to isolated monasteries in the Brokenspire Mountains. Their presence was either unknown or tolerated by the dwarves inhabiting the place, but it was the dwarves’ presence that prevented the sect’s utter extermination.

Recently, clerics of Corina have begun to descend from their hidden temples and to spread the word of the True Light once again. A modest following has sprung up in Goblisooth and clerics to Corina are, if not accepted, at least tolerated in most Vanilli cities. Some few brave and idealistic dedicates to Corina have been sent to convince followers of her sister to give up their vengeful crusade; these unfortunates failed to return.

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In the Metagame

Cleric of Corina
Class Specifications and Requirements
HD: d6
Requirements: INT 11, WIS 13, DEX 13
Allowed weapons: dagger, bow, staff, darts, sling
Allowed armor: robes, no shields
Alignment: LG, NG, CG, TN

Available spells:
1st: Bless, Cure Light Wounds, Dancing Lights, Dessicate, Detect Magic, Light, Protection from Evil, Remove Fear
2nd: Affect Metal (heat only), Aid, Elemental Blade (fire), Elemental Trap, Enhearten, Know Alignment, Produce Flame, Resist Element
3rd: Accelerate Healing, Cause Blindness/Deafness, Conjure element (fire), Continual Light, Cure Blindness/Deafness, Glyph, Invisibility Purge, Shield of Creation
4th: Blind Rage, Control Temperature 15’ Radius, Cure Moderate Wounds, Divination, Elemental Burst (fire), Exorcise, Restoration, Searing Light
5th: Abundance, Atonement, Dispel Evil, Greater Aid, Raise Dead, Retention, Scrying, True Seeing
6th: Astral Shift, Cure Critical Wounds, Holy Burst, Infuse Energy, Invincibility Sphere, Resurrection, Summon Guardian
Class abilities

1st level: Turn undead, Fire elemental alignment
2nd level: Feather Fall (self only) 1/day
5th level: Immune to normal fire
6th level: Levitation (self only)1/day
7th level: Fireball (deals 1d6/level (max 10d6) fire damage in 20’ radius 60’ distant), 1/day
9th level: Fly 1/day (self only)


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