Darchnaim or “second beings” are monstrous, vaguely reptilian humanoids that appear to have been bred by the silver riichnas at some point during their exile in the Darklands. They were unknown to riichnas until the Ninth Kingdom when the silvers and a mob of these creatures assaulted Derma Juchad.

A darchna stands somewhat shorter than a riichna-usually about five and a half feet in height. Their bodies are lanky for their size and all darchnaim have faint reptilian features: lightly scaled skin that ranges in color from brownish-green to black, a somewhat lizardlike snout set with carnivores’ teeth (though they are not generally large enough to be used in a biting attack), and clawed hands and feet that give the darchna excellent traction on a variety of surfaces. The more degenerate and feral breeds are quadrupedal, but all varieties are capable of bipedal locomotion. Upon death, darchnaim leave no corpses; instead their bodies rapidly slough into a thick and viscous, though harmless, slime that makes it impossible to dissect them after death.

Three main breeds of darchnaim have been encountered by riichnas: darchnaim mojad or “rippers,” darchnaim raead or “omni,” and darchnaim ceerad or “renders.” Rippers are by far the most commonly encountered and are the most basal of the breeds, while omni and renders are more rarely encountered.

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