The Darklands is a large continent and the surrounding islands located in the southern hemisphere of Gymalle. Little is known about the continent’s internal geography and history; it lies a goodly distance from the nearest continents of Vanil (to the northwest) and Thea (due north). It spans farther east-west than north-south and is estimated to be slightly smaller than the continent of Vanil.

What is known is that the Darklands’ coast is solidly walled-in by mountains and dense jungles teeming with exotic life-forms not found anywhere else on the planet. In the aftermath of the racial war between riichnas and elves in the Third Kingdom, the surviving silver riichnas fled to the Darklands to escape execution; there they scratched out a meager existence. After battling tooth and nail for a foothold in their surroundings, began to thrive; periodic riichna raiding parties called majacelim hynochimi (criminal-seeking triumvirates) sent from Vanil or Thigain only served to fuel the silvers’ growing resentment. Most of these parties failed to return; the few survivors have not been allowed to share their experiences with others.

The silver riichnas were content to languish in their new home until the Ninth Kingdom, when they made a surprise attack on Derma Juchad in southern Vanil with the aid of strange new creatures called darchnaim. Since that time, silver riichnas and sympathizers in other colors have infiltrated Vanil and seek to topple “proper” riichna society from the inside; this has only redoubled the resolve of the species, to the point that they commission independent adventuring groups to travel to the silvers’ homeland.

Of particular interest is the claim that dragons first awakened in the Darklands and later migrated to other places on Gymalle. Many historians dispute the meat of the claim, but most are forced to concede that a place as unforgiving as the Darklands would be the perfect place for creatures as powerful as dragons to have originated.

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