On the continent of Vanil, there are two main types of Dwarves: the Gruffins of Gruffinshome and the Selja of Sejlahusk. While there isn’t much difference between the two major Clans to the majority of human and demihuman observers, the Dwarves know that they aren’t the same. There has been some animosity between the two: Gruffins refer to Selja as “pompous buffoons” and the Selja refer to the Gruffins as “inbred hicks.” Despite this, though, there is mingling and trading that goes on between the two (mainly alcohol, as they don’t trust each other as far as weapon and armor crafting are concerned). Some of the minor Clans are even what some would consider friends.

The main differences between the two major Clans are in their language and speech patterns, appearance (Selja are fair where Gruffins are swarthy), and, of course, in their interpretations of the Dwarvish Pantheon.

As far as dwarven royalty is concerned, there is no real concept of “blood-lines;” when asked about this, a member of dwarven royalty will say something along the lines of, “Wha’ do we look like? Dogs?” Dwarves, including royalty, are free to marry whomever they want, whether their spouse is of common or royal blood. According to Yurin Mabir, the current Guildmaster of the Dwarven History Guild of Brokenspire Mountain, “Love and passion are more important to us than ‘keeping the blood-line pure,’ or whatever those other races – especially humans and elves – call it. Have you ever seen a dwarf in battle? That’s not a pure blood-line driving him; no, that’s pure passion. We’re passionate. That’s why we’re so cuddly; that’s why we’re so fierce.”

Major dwarven organizations include the Dwarven History Guild, Hammerstone Army, the Guild of Craftsdwarves and Builderdwarves, Hammerstone Miners Guild, and the Hammerstone Brewers Guild.

The most significant wars in dwarven history include The Fifty Years of Brutality, Dwarf War the First, Dwarf War the Second, and Dwarf War the Third. The dwarves of Brokenspire had a little involvement in the Simoom War.

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