Eighth Kingdom

The Eighth Kingdom is essentially defined by the event that occurred at its end: the sudden, unexpected downfall of the great and ancient city of Tuma after a short war with Clensa to the south. This single event reverberated through the north of Vanil for centuries and its aftereffects are still felt to this day. While this is the most salient occurrence in this Kingdom, other important and largely peaceful transitions took place as Simoom embraces its Vanilli heritage and the south of the continent is free to develop without Thean interference.

Listed by year, the major happenings are as follows:

Year 916: Start of the Eighth Kingdom.

Year 917: Ospen’s Culvert is established in South Vanil by the bard Ospen, who was originally from Portsport and was one of the individuals who helped Simoom achieve independence.

Year 948: The Great Southern Road’s extension from Simoom to Uckala is begun by Simoomese and riichna laborers. Kalimaar takes offense at this “treachery” and asks all riichnas in the city to depart; most of them migrate to Uckala or Barchil but a number who have become accustomed to living with humans instead depart for Portsport and are welcomed there.

Year 954: Nogmaor is born in Barchil.

Year 973: The Great Southern Road linking Uckala and Simoom is completed and all the major human population centers of the continent are connected for the first time. Construction begins on a branch to connect with Derma Juchad and, eventually, Thyde.

Year 992: Dotaimor is born in Portsport.

Year 1008: Torroch is born in Barchil.

Year 1027: Fiveforks is established in South Vanil, where a five-way intersection leading to Simoom, Ospen’s Culvert, Baleiv, Southtinker, and Thyde is now located.

Year 1041: A young red dragon named Esfuerron occupies the Vas Foothills in the area near Tinder, demanding tribute from any travelers and caravans passing through the area. His domination of the area is uncontested until the very end of the Ninth Kingdom.

Year 1115: Construction on Second Great Northern Road begins, intending to link Clensa directly to Northreach.

Year 1162: Amelel is born in Barchil.

Year 1192: Cokakar is born in Portsport.

Year 1199: Construction on the Second Great Northern Road is completed.

Year 1208: The village of Treefall is built near Tesska Forest; this is the first reciprocated, peaceful interaction between Vanilli and elves since the Fifth Kingdom. A good deal of interbreeding ensues and results in most half-elves in Vanil being of Tesskan stock.

Year 1254: A Northtinker gnome named Smackdon Aldslane approaches the residents of Treefall and asks them if they would like to pursue a business venture: a lucrative payment plan in exchange for raising a large number of cows for his use. The mayor, Jabario I, agrees and this eventually makes Treefall renowned for the quality of its beef.

Year 1291: The Tumish prince Vala slays a Barkeep in the city of Tuma after accusations of being shortchanged on a drink.

Year 1292: Clensa initiates the Tumish War by laying siege to the city of Tuma. Tumish raiders engage the troops in hit-and-run attacks and stage forays into areas of Clensaba patrol, but are unable to budge the attackers from their siege. However, the walls of the ancient city stand strong and the siege lasts nearly a half year.

Year 1293: End of the Tumish War with the fall of Tuma in the Winter, after Clensaba troops break into the city via the numerous tunnels beneath it that had been sealed off in the Third Kingdom. Many of the residents of the city flee into the Tumish Steppes with little more than what they can carry. Most of the Tumish Royal Family as well as the High Priests to Gord, Ajah, and Grat are executed after the city’s taking, with three distant cousins escaping into the steppes with the rest of the population. Clensaba forces occupy the city into the Ninth Kingdom and the stationed troops systematically strip the city of most of the wealth it had collected through its long history. End of the Eighth Kingdom.

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Eighth Kingdom

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