Eighth Kingdom Riichna History

“What use have we for filthy human squalor and rituals when Barchil or great Thyde beckon and guide us? By following our methods, instead of their own backwards ways, we offer them nothing but improvement!”

“You forget, mochim, that these ‘filthy humans’ significantly outnumber us. It is wise of us not to instigate them, lest they become keenly aware of this fact.”

-Chna Dicolch and chna Zilaan, at the assigning of their majacelim.

916: Word of Thea’s treacherous attack on Jevyma reaches Vanil. A great number of volunteers, including Alekbeor and his triumvirate of Acperch and Cimoan, return to Thigain in fury.

920: The open Grand Assembly positions are hastily filled by Ucketh, Marilan, Nyuleal, and Raklech.

923: An army of riichnas sets out from Thigain towards Thea to wreak vengeance upon landing on its shores. They are able to dominate nearly a third of the continent in their campaign before they are finally forced to halt their advance and consolidate their holdings.

927: A fervent Thean counterattack, comprised primarily of undead and mochadim, forces the riichnas to relinquish most of the Thean territory under their control. They are able to hold a thin crescent on the eastern coast, coincidentally the same areas once under riichna control in the Third Kingdom. There they establish Abily, a military installation under the direct control of Alekbeor.

948: The Great Southern Road’s extension from Simoom to Uckala is begun by Simoomese and riichna laborers. Kalimaar takes offense at this “treachery” and demands all riichnas in the city depart; most of them migrate to Uckala or Barchil, but a number who have become accustomed to living with humans instead depart for Portsport and are welcomed there.

954: Nogmaor is born in Barchil.

973: The Great Southern Road linking Simoom and Uckala is completed. Its expansion is begun to link the disparate settlements of South Vanil, with humans, riichnas, gnomes, and dwarves all assisting in the endeavor jointly.

982: A group of riichna assassins, led by Borinal and his triumvirate, infiltrates the Thean capital of Ort-Sad-Arl and manages to slay one member of the Council of Nine, Bus-Ker-Rya.

992: Dotaimor is born in Portsport.

993: Borinal returns to Thigain to further accolades, and is accorded the position of Grand High Enforcer of the race.

1008: Torroch is born in Barchil.

1013: The Great Southern Road links to Derma Juchad.

1041: The Great Southern Road links to Thyde.

1162: Amelel is born in Barchil.

1192: Cokakar is born in Portsport.

1218: Zilaan completes his initial schooling in Uckala, and is sent to Barchil to pursue further training.

1220: Zilaan and his triumvirate of of Dicolch and Kinegor receive their first official assignment as guards to a caravan traveling from Barchil to Onaway.

1239: Theans mount a heavy assault on Abily but are repelled. Acperch is killed in the battle.

1256: The gnome Smackdon Aldslane travels to Barchil to ask if he could “franchise” one of his eateries. He is told in no uncertain terms to get out after mentioning his food consists largely of beef products.

1259: Barach dies early in the year; by autumn Rendaar is selected to be jachharagol of Barchil.

1260: Thean marines, who apparently looped all the way around Thigain, assault the eastern coast and establish their own foothold on riichna territory. The troops defending Abily are recalled to assist in defending the homeland, leading to Abily’s destruction.

1263: Smackdon Aldslane returns to Barchil to see if the new leadership will reconsider given the stunning profitability of the two open Smackdonalds in Northreach and Treefall. The matter is taken before the Assembly.

1271: The Thean invaders on Thigain are repelled, and a counterattack is mounted on Thea. It is unable to make a foothold, as the Theans had hastily constructed the fortified city of Bil-Mag-Ube on the ruins of Abily.

1276: The Assembly agrees to allow a Smackdonalds to open in the non-riichna quarter of Barchil on a trial basis, and only if a heavy portion of profits are paid to the city. The operation is run by Gersmack Donald, Smackdon’s son, and the revenue generated grudgingly forces the riichnas to keep the franchise open.

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Eighth Kingdom Riichna History

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