Fifth Kingdom

Vanil’s Fifth Kingdom is rife with conflict, for religious strife between the Three Sisters and Church of the Three, as well as the first major war between humans and another race, took place during this time. Despite the upheaval, the major settlements of Portsport, Simoom, and Kalimaar are all founded during this time.

Listed by year, the major happenings are as follows:

446: Founding of the Church of the Three in Clensa. Regular proselytizing leads to its rapid spread throughout Vanil. Worship of Tumish gods in and around Clensa falls significantly; those who remain loyal to the old religion are coerced into relocating northward to Tuma.

451: Riichnas traveling north of Clensa establish the city of Barchil on the eastern coast. Further land-based expeditions northward are put on hold due to the presence of hostile elves in Tesska Forest.

460: Conflict between the Three Sisters and Church of the Three boils over into violence. The followers of Corina are all but annihilated, only those living in remote monasteries escaping. The incident comes to be known as the Conflict of the Trinities.

473: A number of secret converts to The Three are forcibly evicted from the lands near Tinder. Moving south, the survivors establish settlements on the coastal plains, including Suxold and Portsport.

484: Simoom is founded by Thean slavers in South Vanil; the local populations are unable to mount significant resistance and prove a reliable source of warm bodies.

~485: The elves of Mettar Forest, after attempting to peacefully negotiate a more restrained use of the forest’s resources, begin non-lethally harassing woodcutters in their dominion, straining relations between the humans and elves.

488: A number of skilled wizards pool their resources and construct towers in the southern plains of North Vanil. The resultant influx of servants, followers, and prospective apprentices lead to the founding of Kalimaar, named after the most powerful of those mages.

497: The Elvish War of the Fifth Kingdom is begun after woodcutters from Portsport respond to elvish harassment with violence. The woodcutters are slain and the people of Portsport demand vengeance.

499: The destruction of Mettar Forest after a slash-and-burn campaign is complete. The Mettar flee to the north, where they enter a terse alliance with the surviving followers of Casada, who provide assistance to the elves who, in exchange, call upon their Carmi and Tesska brethren to take the fight to heathen clerics of the Three.

503: The archmage Kalim descends upon Carm Forest and unleashes a virulent curse upon the Carmi elves residing there after they make the mistake of attacking him as he traveled from Clensa to his home.

505: Thean slavers clash with riichnas as they expand westward. The unprepared Theans pull back and restrict their raiding to the eastern half of South Vanil.

506: End of the Elvish Wars. In addition, open worship of Casada is ended after the Church of the Three establishes complete theological dominance in the region. End of the Fifth Kingdom.

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Fifth Kingdom

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