Fifth Kingdom Dwarven History

“The Fifth Kingdom marks two major advancements for the dwarves of Brokenspire Mountain: the establishment of the Hammerstone Army and the Guild of Craftsdwarves and Builderdwarves. It also marks the time of their first real war.”
-Yurin Mabir

453: Hammerstone Army is established. It’s more or less formed to clear out any foes in the area; there isn’t much for them along the lines of battle, but they want the army “just in case.”

468: The first actual battle for the Hammerstone Army takes place. A group of goblinoids, orkoids, and giants attempts to raid the mine and is quickly put down. Seeing their strength, they begin rigorously training the Army in the event of another attack.

469: A full-scale underground war takes place between the Hammerstone Army and a massive collective of goblinoids, orkoids, and giants seeking revenge on the band slain the year before. They call themselves the Hateful Ragers.

470: The Hateful Ragers are defeated by the Hammerstone Army, but not without loss. The Hammerstone Army encourages all capable dwarves to join the ranks. Their enemies leave them more-or-less unmolested for four years.

474: Scattered skirmishes with goblinoids, orkoids, and giants take place in the Brokenspire Mine and around Hammerstone Keep, but no major battles take place.

475: The Hammerstone Army has its first surface skirmish. A contingent of five dwarves called the Diremugs takes on a group of approximately 100 brigands harassing the Tinder area. The humans watching the “skirmish,” as the Diremugs call it, are in awe, as the entire event lasts less than ten minutes. The dwarves think nothing of it, but the humans spread the word of the ferocity of the dwarves in battle. Queen Affi dies of old age.

481: Prince Skargard Hammerstone joins the Hammerstone Army.

482: Prince Skargard proves to be a fine and skilled warrior and raises to the rank of General. This marks the fastest a dwarf, Selja or Gruffin, has become a general, and the feat has not been repeated since.

485: Strife between the Mettar elves and humans in the Mettar Forest begins. When Prince Skargard asks King Durble what he thinks about it, he says, “Serves ‘em right.” When asked whom he was referring to, he says, “Take yer pick.” In an attempt to clarify further, he tells Prince Skargard, “No, son, take yer damn pick. Mining pick. To the shed. It’s on my beef.” Skargard’s mining pick is not on his father’s beef; the other dwarves figure he is just drunk, but Skargard knows he is still distraught over the loss of his wife and is losing his mind.

486: King Durble dies while Skargard is off fighting a goblin uprising. General Prince Skargard becomes King Skargard Hammerstone.

487: King Skargard marries Queen Glorbek.

489: King Skargard grants a charter to General Scrubbles Diremug to found the Diremug Clan. The lands of Clan Diremug are in the southern Brokenspire Mountains.

491: Prince Tavern Hammerstone is born.

494: The Guild of Craftsdwarves and Builderdwarves is established by Gor Tumbleminer.

497: The Elvish War of the Fifth Kingdom begins. King Skargard closely monitors the situation, but refuses to take a side. He believes that the elves are doing the right thing in preserving the environment, but he also believes that they were in the wrong to instigate violence. He believes that intelligent, civilized races should be able to solve their problems with words, not weapons, unless there is no other option. He does wish, however, that orkoids, goblinoids, or giants were somehow involved so he could jump in the fray.

506: Elvish War comes to an end. King Skargard is disappointed with the destruction on all sides, but he’s glad that his axe didn’t have to taste elf or human flesh.

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Fifth Kingdom Dwarven History

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