Fourth Kingdom

The Fourth Kingdom of Vanil’s history is also one of the most important; not only was the city of Clensa established near its end, but the oldest surviving major Vanilli religions, the worship of the Three Sisters and the gods of Tuma, also flourished during this time.

Listed by year, the major happenings are as follows:

318: Beginning of the Fourth Kingdom, as delineated by the existence of sizable, permanent Vanilli settlements in North Vanil. Some of these would eventually congeal into, among others, the village of Tinder and the great city of Tuma.

325: Dwarves from Brokenspire Mountain meet with the Vanilli in the area near Tinder. Positive relations are established and many temples to Corina are fittingly established on mountain peaks.

~340: Excavation and building, with dwarvish aid, of the largest place of worship ever known, the Casad Reaches, are begun near Tinder to give honor to the goddess Casada.

354: The gnomes of Northtinker travel south to Vanilli lands and meet the people there, exposing the residents of southern North Vanil to their chicanery for the first time.

356: A collapse of part of the caverns of the Casad Reaches buries alive, according to records, “thousands.” A part of the project is dedicated to creating an appropriately large graveyard to bury these and many other fallen.

404: Riichna explorers from South Vanil enter the area near Tinder, and are exposed to organized religion and human clerics for the first time. Upon returning to Thyde, riichna scholars debate the merits of whether the obviously elemental nature of magic of the Sisters means humans could potentially learn the leyseer style of magic. This debate lasts for approximately 175 years, until it is resolved in the Sixth Kingdom.

409: Magan Clensab, a regional warlord, establishes himself as the sovereign of a loose cluster of settlements south of the Tumish Steppes. No one challenges his claim, and the city of Clensa is founded.

445: In Clensa, the Church of the Three is founded based on the writings of a self-proclaimed prophet named Ia. In the Fifth Kingdom, worship of this new religion would spread and, in time, it would displace in large part more established religions, most notably worship of the Three Sisters in what would become Portsport District. End of the Fourth Kingdom.

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Fourth Kingdom

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