Gnomes are a diminutive, imaginative, and by all rights, insane race on the continent of Vanil. Their two largest settlements are Northtinker and Southtinker, and other major gnomish settlements include Crumblesbrook and Snabapple.

Gnomes are small humanoids who usually stand between three and a half and four feet tall. They have larger than average noses (indeed, it is a source of pride in gnomish society to bear a “wicked schnozz”) and most males wear a beard and/or mustache styled in an idiosyncratic way. Their skin color ranges from dark brown to an almost sandy beige, and their eyes tend to be brown, gray, or black; blue or green eyes are nearly unheard of. Gnomes live until the age of approximately 250.

Gnomish society is centered around innovation, freedom of individual expression, and inventiveness in roughly that order. Young gnomes are taught from an early age that they are unique individuals who must express themselves in whatever manner they most desire. Gnomish youngsters do not attend formal schooling, as it were; instead they are allowed to cluster around and watch older gnomes at work and to assist with minor (and mostly harmless) tasks. By the time a gnome is 25, he or she usually has found a trade or labor he or she enjoys, and enters into a more formal master-apprentice relationship. This continues until the gnome is around 40, at which point the gnome is responsible for creating a First Creation in his or her field of work, to be unveiled during the Great Unveiling near the end of each year.
Gnomes who pursue training in one or more character classes always do so after they have mastered a trade or craft, to ensure their natural artistry is not stymied. By far, most gnomes choose to study the wizardly arts. Gnomish clerics by and large follow their ancestral gods, though the small number of gnomes well-integrated into Vanilli society may worship The Three.

Naming Conventions
Gnomes generally go by two names: the abridged form and the formal form. The abridged form is used most commonly and the syllables are generally positioned in such a way as to make a name pronounceable to most races; many times, through sheer coincidence, words in other languages arise and lead to names such as “Ramshackle Dustbin” or Garbledsnatch Facadebreaker. The formal form is generally used only in official settings, such as weddings or the unveiling of a gnome’s First Creation; the Naming of Names is the main reason this holiday lasts approximately one week. The last syllable of each gnome’s name corresponds to one of the Original Gnomes (or O.G.s): Vet, Sap, Rek, and Mak. Gnomish children do not have names per se until their tenth birthday, at which point the parents bestow a new syllable on their child. Male children take on their father’s syllables, and females take on their mother’s. However, the last syllable corresponds to which parent won the Official Race for the Grand Invention (at the Wedding Pro Am Contest), or ORGI.

Racial Relations
Gnomes generally get along with most of the races of Vanil, as they are a very outgoing and generally chipper race. Despite their differences in attitude, gnomes find their greatest relations with dwarves. They have, on more than one occasion, allied themselves with one another. The dwarves of Brokenspire Mountain provided sanctuary for gnomes when Crumblesbrook was overrun with strange beings.
Gnomes are more or less tolerated by elves, half-elves, halflings, and humans. They get along, but there are no particularly strong feelings between gnomes and the races one way or the other. Half-orcs, however, seem to have a strange fascination with gnomes. Gnomes are generally perplexed by this fascination, but will go along with it in hopes of gaining a powerful ally.
Riichnas generally do not get along with gnomes. They view gnomes as aiding their racial shame in ancient times and derogatorily refer to the diminutive humanoids as “step-ladder humans.” Furthermore, the gnomish proclivity towards pranking and their overall outlook on life grates on the stoic race. Riichnas will tolerate gnomes if they absolutely must, but will generally not enjoy it.

Gnomes like to keep incredibly detailed historical documents. The Gnomish Chroniclers, Archivers, and Keepers of Time and History handle this task on Vanil, with local branches scattered throughout the continent reporting back to the main headquarters. The guild was established in 203. The current High Chronicler is Quagle Nibblebits. The gnomes have their own method of time and record keeping, but for ease of reading, the guild has arranged in accordance to Vanilli reckoning. Many records have been omitted from this public document, as many, many, many, many records would be considered extremely irrelevant to all but the gnomes.
First Kingdom Gnomish History:
Second Kingdom Gnomish History:
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Seventh Kingdom Gnomish History: 616 – 915
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