It is an unfortunate fact that many adventurers do not return from their attempts at finding fame and fortune. Perhaps the oddest feature so far encountered by Tinder’s Champions is a vast cavern beneath Qasqueston that serves as a gateway of sorts into the Casad Reaches. This cavern appears to be a gigantic, natural tomb with crude gravestones scattered everywhere, each of which is inscribed with a name…some of those are eerily familiar, for they bear the names of the fallen of Tinder’s Champions. Others are the names of people Tinder’s Champions have never met. There have even been a few bearing the names of the surviving members of Tinder’s Champions or individuals they know, a most unnerving experience to the living.

Despite the foreboding aura of the place, it is comparatively benign, with only a few wandering bands of ghouls and ghasts present to feast upon the piled remains. A pair of large, empty mausoleums are present that can be (and have been) used as safe havens to rest during the grueling descent into the depths.

It is in this place that those who have fallen in trying to stop the evil of the Casad Reaches are finally laid to rest.

The Buried

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