Harova is one of The Three Sisters, also known as Lady of the Sea, The Storm Queen, and (among the more vulgar sailors) as “Ol’ Appletits.” It is Harova who creates the oceans and rivers and who keeps them stocked with their bounties. Recently, with her ascendancy as the most mainstream of the Three Sisters, Harova has been worshiped in Portsport as a goddess of travel, merchants, and wealth.

Historically, clerics to Harova have been withdrawn and content to focus on their internal affairs; this changed in the Sixth Kingdom with the coming of clerics of The Three. Together with worshipers of her sister, Casada, clerics to Harova attempted to stave off the religious conquest but were in the end unsuccessful. Worship to Harova reached a nadir but her clerics extolled the believers that, like the tide, Harova would see a resurgence.

This took place in the Ninth Kingdom when her worship openly resumed in Portsport, and within a few short years a new, resplendent temple honoring Harova was constructed near the city’s docks. Her clerics now emphasized Harova’s importance regarding Portsport’s reliance on trade; without favorable weather and ocean currents, the city would quickly find itself losing wealth. Outside of Portsport, however, her worship is still basically nonexistent, though some small headway is being made in Suxold and the coastal regions east of Tinder.

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In the Metagame

Cleric of Harova
HD: d8
Allowed weapons: spear, trident, one-handed blunt
Allowed armor: Up to chain, no shields
Alignment: TN, CN, NE, CE

Available spells:
1st: Corrupt Water, Create Water, Cure Light Wounds, Life Exchange, Purify Water, Protection from Evil, Protection from Good, Stabilize
2nd: Cause Poison, Consecration, Desecration, Elemental Trap (water), Harm, Neutralize Poison, Silence 15’ Radius, Speak With Animals
3rd: Cause Disease, Charm Animal, Conjure Element (water), Cure Disease, Glyph, Obscure Object, Water Breathing, Weaken to Element
4th: Blight Food or Water, Confusion, Control Temperatere 15’ Radius, Elemental Burst (water), Free Action, Inflict Insanity, Invert Ethics, Scathing Darkness
5th: Atonement, Cure Ailment, Doubt Faith, Hold Creature, Obscurement, Pathfinding, Scourge, Scrying
6th: Astral Shift, Blaspheme, Confusion 10’ Radius, Purify, Regeneration, Symbol
Class abilities

1st level: Water elemental alignment, +2 to saves vs. poison, control aquatic creatures (as control undead)
3rd level: Water Breathing, 1/day, +1 use per 3 levels
5th level: +2 to saves vs. Breath
7th level: Waterball (1d6/level (max 10d6) water damage in 20’ radius 60’ distant, 1/day)
9th level: Permanent Water Breathing on self


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