History of Vanil

The history of the continent of Vanil is broken by historians and other scholars into discrete units known as Kingdoms. According to their timekeeping, Vanil is currently within the Tenth Kingdom. The start and end of each Kingdom coincides with a major historical occurrence that significantly altered the social, economic, political, theological, geological, or magical layout of the continent.

The Kingdoms as defined by their start- and endpoints, both in years and major delineating events, are listed below. More detailed summaries of the events that occur during a particular Kingdom are found by following the link in question.

First Kingdom: Years ??? – Year 1. Precivilization – the earliest oral tales and histories of Vanilli tribes.

Second Kingdom: Year 1 – Year 182. The earliest oral histories of Vanilli tribes – the arrival of riichna settlers in the extreme south of Vanil.

Third Kingdom: Year 183 – Year 317. The arrival of riichna settlers – the earliest known written histories and the founding of the first sizable permanent settlements by Vanilli.

Fourth Kingdom: Year 318 – 445. The founding of the first sizable settlements – the founding of the Church of the Three.

Fifth Kingdom: Year 446 – 506. The founding of the Church of the Three – the end of the Elvish War of the Fifth Kingdom.

Sixth Kingdom: Year 507 – 615. The end of the Elvish War – The Schism of the Three.

Seventh Kingdom: Year 616 – 915. The Schism of the Three – Simoom’s independence from Thea.

Eighth Kingdom: Year 916 – 1293. Simoom’s independence from Thea – The end of the Tumish War.

Ninth Kingdom: Year 1294 – 1500. The end of the Tumish War – The renaissance of worship of the Three Sisters throughout Vanil.

Tenth Kingdom: Year 1501 – present.

History of Vanil

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