Leyseers, also known in some places as oracles, are practitioners of a magical art distinct from that of wizards, clerics, and druids (though their methods of channeling magical energy have many superficial similarities to druidic magic). Originally utilized solely by riichnas, the first human leyseers came about during the Sixth Kingdom. Despite numerous attempts, no other races have been able to unlock the magic of the leyseer, though druids of those races certainly exist; even half-elves and -orcs are unable to gain the ability to cast leyseer magic.

The Philosophy of Magic

Leyseer magic is divided into eight schools (with magic as a whole historically seen as comprising a ninth, though magics of this type are no longer taught or even used by humans or most riichnas), each of which corresponds to the name of the particular aspect of elemental being in riichna myth:

Pel: Fire
Alam: Water
Ven: Air
Tor: Earth
Icik: Mind
Kol: Time
Lem: Holism
Moch: Degeneration

Four other “elemental” combinations come through the interaction of what are called the low elements>

Air and Fire combine to form Lightning (Tem)
Fire and Earth combine to form Heat (Ilem)
Earth and Water combine to form Life (Net)
Water and Air combine to form Ice (Ver)

Leyseers believe that every object is comprised of a particular blend of these eight elements and that what people call magic (including wizardly and clerical varieties) is just manipulating, amplifying, or diminishing particular elemental strands; to a leyseer, a wizard’s Fireball spell is nothing more than instigating pel in a particular area; while a cleric’s Cure Light Wounds is amplifying a being’s natural lem.

Riichnas, of course, are tied intimately to the eight elements through their colored sects, and believe their race was purposefully created to interact more fully with elemental aspects.

Leyseer Academies and Learning

Prospective human leyseers are taught in a structure that mimics the riichna schooling system, with students taken to largely self-sufficient academies where they are taught the rudiments of leyseer magic by a master—defined as any leyseer who is capable of casting the most powerful spells of at least a single element. Most human academies have but a single master, though the leyseer academy in Clensa has three. Riichna academies, naturally, have many more by virtue of the race’s longer lifespan, though the only riichna-headed academy that welcomes human pupils is found in Simoom.

New human students are taken in starting around age fourteen and generally graduate with their first mastered spell between the ages of twenty-six and thirty. Once an individual has memorized his or her first spell, the acquisition of new spells is a relatively quick process: the student only needs the study beneath a more skilled oracle who knows the spell. Such tutelage is not free but it is usually time moreso than money that impacts a human’s breadth of spell knowledge.

Riichnas have it much easier in one way: their longer lifespans allow ample time to learn new magics. However, the strictures of their society often limit whether or not a given riichna is allowed to be taught new magic by a superior.

Leyseers in the Metagame

See this page for crunch-related information on the class.

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